Willow Creek Easter Egg Street-O

Saturday, April 14, 2001

Meet Director: Robin Spriggs

Course Setter/Map Maker: Sherry Litasi

String-O Course Setter/Map Maker: Tina Litasi

Well many of you missed out on a great Street/Park-O Score Event atWillow Creek on Saturday. Sherry's map, which I know took a lot of time, was excellent to run on with route choice quite difficult so as not to pass the same control twice - you really did need to plan your legs well - not like me. A couple of people lost themselves temporarily - not as easy as some may think, especially if trying to go too fast. A lot of the running could be planned to be in park-land, which made it all the more pleasant. There were 29 controls and the most collected was 21. Each control was worth 5 points with 5 being taken off for each minute late.

Tina, Sherry's daughter, drew a map for the String Course - it was wonderful and lots of fun with a choice of great stickers at each control.

Thanks very much Sherry and Tina - thanks, also, for the Easter treats which finishers won.

Major helpers were two Scouts from Parker - thanks so much - we really did need your help on the registration table - as you say!! Thanks also to those who brought in controls.

This event was enjoyed so much by all those who ran, that Sherry will maybe organise another in the Fall.

String Course




Emma Stark, age 4

7 minutes


Sam Santich, age 6

4 minutes

Score Event



Troy Bozarth

105 points

Bruce Kruger

100 points

Chris Spriggs

100 points

Gary Smith

90 points

Scott Taylor

85 points

Un-named (Kathleen's friend?)

70 points


55 points

David Farris - all controls but big time loss.

0 points



Robin Spriggs


Kathleen Brennan

70 points



Ann Stevens & Roberta Ringstrom

60 points

Karen Taylor & grandkids

45 points

Jodi,Mike & Alex

35 points