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Cherry Creek State Park
3 November 2001

Wow!! What a day!! 100 maps were printed and by the end of the day all of them had been used, some of them twice. We must have had around 140 people in all, in the bright fall sunshine. People were doing all courses, including many first timers. We had a group of students from Red Rocks Community College learning how to orienteer, most of whom did the yellow course. The fiercest competition was on the Red course. I am still recovering from thinking about James Scarborough completing the course in 48+ mins. It took me longer to cycle around the course -- and I knew where the controls were.

Thanks to all those who helped. Robin and Chris Spriggs did a great job registering. Neal Barlow looked very attractive with a checkpoint as part of his attire as he did the finish, and Sharon Crawford did a wonderful job instructing our many beginners. Thanks also to Geoff Murphy for bringing controls in.

See you all the Annual Meeting this Saturday.

- Alex Thomas (Meet Director)

Red Course
James ScarboroughM48:33:00 
Per SoderbergM52:33:00 
Pontus JagemalmM55:14:00 
Neil BarlowM58:04:00 
Ian FalkinsM59:27:00 
Sverre FroyenM64:20:00 
Martin MarecM65:32:00 
Brendan WhiteM66:50:00 
Michael RoundsM67:43:00 
Lawrence ClellandM67:48:00 
Jan IngebrigsenM70:50:00 
Carson BlackM72:03:00 
Mark GougeM72:46:00 
Lance LoetipinxM74:53:00 
Adam FeerstM77:46:00 
Paul KammermeierM78:33:00 
Doug BerlingM81:14:00 
Mark HoffmeisterM82:50:00 
Wayne DorbandM103:49:00 
Allan BrownM105:57:00 
Bendix GadegaadM101:30:00 
Lawrence PeloM136:55:00 
Christophe ZurcherMDNF 
Jason PooleMDNF 
Beatrice ZurcherF68:17:00 
Sharon CrawfordF74:03:00 
Mary K WaddingtonF117:57:00 
Dean Hinton/
Joelle Oakley
Green Course
Jan P IngebrigsenM37:47:00 
Greg SchafferM43:34:00 
Mark HendersonM43:45:00 
Troy BozarthM44:34:00 
Peter LewisM50:30:00 
Martin MarecM51:35:00 
Nick SpriggsM52:43:00 
Dmitriy ZamoshchinM53:49:00 
Chris SpriggsM57:01:00 
Ted GenglerM65:27:00 
Gary SmithM67:40:00 
Geoff MurphyM77:46:00 
Dan McGregorM86:14:00 
Dennis TomsM117:11:00 
Robin SpriggsF52:56:00 
Susan KaklikiawF66:15:00 
Betty BramhallF101:27:00 
Bruce Kruger/
Sonia Dazi
Keegan Baird et al.T83:30:00 
Jerry/Nancy PesmanT96:15:00 
Gale/Shane HoffmiesterT96:38:00 
Orange Course
Greg AllenM43:00:00 
Adam FeerstM47:53:00 
Matt SeeleyM68:43:00 
Andrew DesslerM93:49:00 
Rachel FerrasFDNFWrong hole punch for #4.
Goril S JonesFDNFMissed control #85.
Larry/Laura BenkoT47:42:00 
Brooke Mann/
Jason Asmus
John Lentiloid/
Tom Romer
Steve Scraggs/
Tom W
Shawn Tievevek/
Libby Neal
Kim Caleb/
Steve Drake
Andrew DesslerT93:49:00 
Laura Powell/
Aspen Hilbelink
Andrew Malleck
Allison/Tim WeissT107:46:00 
Ann/Philip KarlbergT121:12:00 
Mark Aid et al.TDNFWrong hole punch for #4.
Yellow Course
Greg ShafferM25:56:00 
Caleb JosephM59:10:00 
Neil ParnitsnpoenM60:32:00 
G BranhallM84:00:00 
Deloss BlisemannM90:02:00 
Will DunlopMDNF#2 & #3 were the wrong way around.
Kylee MartersenF60:25:00 
Jessica AlvarezF77:55:00 
Team SullivanT44:40:00 
Beth and JenT52:09:00 
Julie/Mark BrennanT63:21:00 
Laura/Katie BrennanT63:29:00Just 7 seconds...
The ShaffersT97:00:00 
Mark/Kathy/TinaTDNFMissed the last control.
White Course
Barbara ShawF37:17:00 
Jan MartinF37:18:00Amazing what a difference a second makes...!
Larry/Laura BenkoT17:30:00 
Beth & JenT31:24:00 
M=Male     F=Female     T=Team

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