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Garden of the Gods Halloween-O
27 October 2001

We had an absolutely gorgeous day in the Garden of the Gods. The temperatures were in the 70s, the sky as blue as it gets, and the scenery fantastic. I was truly surprised by the number of people showing up and, thanks to the helpers that popped up, the meet went fine. Some of the control flags were haunted by goblins overnight: a punch had been exchanged for a red clothes pin, another punch was tied shut. Fortunately, at those controls, the goblins left some stickers so orienteers could prove that they were there. A lot of controls flags were covered with spiderwebs and many had baskets of treats to keep the sugar level high while on the course!

Thanks to Bob Mc Bride for doing beginner's instruction and Steve Dornseif for registration; Louise ended up doing start AND finish the whole time which was a tremendous help! Control picker-uppers were Carson Black, Ladislav Jezev, Steve Dornseif, Gabi Egli and Jim Sanders. I picked up the last controls by nightfall as the meet had gone on all afternoon.

Bob McBride will do the results which is a great relief of work for me. Thanks to everyone who came!

- Beatrice Zurcher (Meet Director)

Red Course
Name  Class  Time
Per SoderbergM1:01:36
Pontus JagemalmM1:13:10
Ian FolkinsM1:18:02
Sverre FroyenM1:23:23Somehow found a punch for #10. It was orange #7
Carson BlackM1:34:13
Ladislav JezekM1:37:18
Ken LotzeM2:02:39
Jeff CarrM2:15:44
Bendix GadegaardF2:56:55
Susan KarlikianFDNF
Andrew G. FoxMDNFTried red; found 4
Gary SmithMDNFMissed #8 and #9.
Gaby EgliFDNFFound 7; #3 was problematic.
Dean Hinton/
James York
TDNFFound 6 of them
Joelle Coakley/ Sonya EstesTDNF (3:33:00)Skipped #5,6,7,8
Green Course
Name  Class  Time
Bob McBrideM0:51:48
Goril S. JonesM0:55:37
Scott PowellM1:06:19
Dmitriy ZamoshchinM1:07:24
Troy BozarthM1:16:44Found 6 controls; had to go to work.
Jim Sanders & TivaM1:23:27Punched orange #7 instead of #8
Steve DornseifM1:30:50
Carol JohnsonF1:33:15
Andrew & FlanT1:49:22
Brooke MannF2:32:27
Kirk HilbelinkMDNFTried green
Orange Course
Name  Class  Time
Chris Slack/
Diane Godwin
Sherry LitasiF50:26
Bryant HunterM1:28:41
Ryan MurphyM1:30:51
Amanda, Leslie, Christy, Andrea, PaulaT1:37:43
Yellow Course
Name  Class  Time
Kim Calebs/
Steve Drake
Tom SrameleM0:35:31
Heather KniferF0:39:34
Kirk HilbelinkM0:43:08
Chris WailesM0:45:58
John ShawM0:52:54
Mark Godwin/
Andrew Finzel
Jared TaylorM1:05:23
James Brehm/
Juanita Moore
Samuel TrevanM1:31:10
White Course
Name  Class  Time
Nicholas ReynoldsM27:30
Bich Thuy CallensM34:05
Ty Hare/
Alex Hare/
Tayor Varoglu (The Dudes)
T0:34:58Punched each of the first 4 controls at least 4 times. That's thorough!
Carol Hare (mashed potatos)F0:36:08
Karla Weatherey/
Bev Savoy
T0:55:03Found 4
Doc/Dawn GriebelbauerT1:03:21
Doyle BakerM1:05:55
Toni AlfarM1:06:14
Tim/Bill PoleyT1:11:20
Robert WatsonM1:13:00
M=Male     F=Female     T=Team

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