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Kelly Dahl, Nederland
13 October 2001

A good turn out for very varied weather. We had over 80 people show up. The weather included snow with clear skies, a lot of wind, cool temperatures and a lot of wind. Did I mention the wind? Fortunately this area is mostly wooded and it was quite pleasant in the woods.

Thanks to Elis Eberlein for converting the previous (out of print map) to OCAD and doing some updating of the most changed parts. Reports at the finish seemed to indicate that most had a good time and a challenging time and appreciated the courses. That is always music to the ears of the meet director. It was very rewarding to see a good spread of orienteerers across all five courses.

- Bob Ellis (Meet Director)

Red Course
Name  Class  Time
Mikell PlattM00:52:38    
Ola BergerM00:58:15
Per SoderbergM01:00:13
Mark GibbardM01:07:50
Michael RoundsM01:08:45
Neal BarlowM01:11:52
George ScottM01:13:17
Sverre FroyenM01:16:32
Rich KellyM01:17:38
Pontus JägemalmM01:18:45
Doug BerlingM01:21:20
Sharon CrawfordF01:24:28
L. ClellandM01:28:22
Tom PlantM01:51:20
Adam FeerstM02:04:20
Jason PooleM02:08:10
Lawrence PeloM02:11:34
Team HoffmeisterT02:30:38
Bob McBrideMDNF
Green Course
Name  Class  Time
Troy BozarthM01:26:34
Ladislav JezekM01:26:39
Alan RichardsM01:37:27
Gary SmithM01:44:16
B. U. CheatomM01:56:22
Chris SpriggsM02:01:23
Geoff MurphyMDNF
Jim PlantMDNF
Cammie MullerF01:41:45
Robin SpriggsF01:56:00
Sheryl LehmanF02:20:36
Benet StirccaF02:20:45
Brooke Mann/Andrew LogueT01:58:35
Adam Chase/Darcy PiceuT02:41:15
Joelle Caoleley/Dean HintonT03:02:08
JamesYork/Sonya EstesT03:06:20
Dennis Toms/Alta BrownTDNF
Orange Course
Name  Class  Time
Kirk HilbelinkM01:17:03
Rodger KramM01:23:03
Joe DesGeorgesM01:35:02
Bruce OsmunM01:38:15
Allan BrownM01:53:33
Tom WernimontM02:27:40
Bruce OsmunM02:38:15
Mil PlantF01:38:38
Robin Sam KuF01:39:02
Margarita LambertFDNF
Sherry/Tina LitasiT01:30:08
Mike/Jennifer HakansonT01:35:40
R/S Meyers/LeAnn RichardsT01:52:45
Jerry/Nancy PesmanT01:58:22
Andrea/Paula MalleckTDNF
Yellow Course
Name  Class  Time
Larry BenkoM00:49:48
Andrew ScottM00:51:38
Juan AvilesM01:06:03
Kelley StaytonM01:06:03
Steve BakorM01:12:20
Paul TurmburkeM01:12:43
Hannah/Nathan BakorT01:00:40
Jennifer/Kelly AndersonT01:35:45
White Course
Name  Class  Time
Larry BenkoM00:29:02
Kim KalebsF00:41:17
Mari HaasF01:00:09
Elizabeth BakerF01:02:23
Steve/Nathan BakorT00:43:15
Mike/Jenifer KakansonT00:43:33
Maya/Bradly RoundsT00:46:45
Laura OsmunT00:49:05
Don/Rachel BauerT01:13:53
Mark Brown FamilyT01:15:10
Team KellyT01:42:18
Jessica Bryce/Clay ChaseTDNF
M=Male     F=Female     T=Team

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