Ranking for RMOC Events

For the 2001 season, to encourage people to take part in as many orienteering events as possible, RMOC is going to have a club ranking system. Scores will be calculated for all finishing competitors in all RMOC non-skiing events. The rankings will be done separately for different course colors, so at the end of the season we will have 10 winners: male and female for each course.

To obtain a club ranking an individual must have completed at least 5 races in a single course color. Any runner who does not finish a course will not be able to get a score for that particular event. Once people have more than 5 scores for any color, their 5 best scores will be the ones that count to calculate their ranking. Any other scores will be discarded.


To calculate a score:

1. Convert all times to seconds

2. Divide the winner's time by each runner's time

3. Multiply each result 100

Runner A 30:00 = 1800 secs

1800/1800 = 1.00

1*100 = 100

Runner B 32:00 = 1920 secs

1800/1920 = .9375

.9375*100 = 93.75

Runner C 33:00 = 1980 secs

1800/1980 = .909

909*100 = 90.91

Your ranking will be the mean average of your 5 best scores.

The current rankings will be included on the RMOC web site, and also displayed at each event. So come along to the next event and watch your ranking go up and up.