6th Annual Scapegoat Run (Florissant, CO)
26 August 2001
16.4km with 660m climb

Mikell Platt1.51.10 
Neal Barlow2.11.27 
Christoph Zurcher2.13.06 
Doug Berling2.46.36 
Ian Ramsey2.54.36 
Sverre Froyen2.55.55 
Jim Sanders2.59.05 
Jan Ingerbrigtsen3.00.34 
Carson Black3.05.40 
Mark Hendrickson3.06.08 
Steve Dornseif3.14.20 
Troy Bozarth3.19.20 
Eric Black3.19.22 
Bob McBride3.43.26 
Laurent Billet4.02.22(only 3rd time orienteering)
Dan Snow4.04.12 
Mark Kloser4.25.30 
Bob Ellis4.33.00 
First Loop Only: 
Anita Brattland1.00.39 
Lawrence Pelo3.25.48(3rd time O-ing)
Second Loop Only: 
Mark Gibbard1.46.47(Mark took over Anita's map when she came in and took over the children)

Posted 15 October 2001 by RMOC Co-Webmaster Brooke Mann.