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Bear Creek Park, Colorado Springs
26 October 2002

We last had a meet at Bear Creek Park in April 1999. It was my second outing with the club and really enjoyed it. The good memories of this event were the main reason that I volunteered to organize an event here some three and a half years later. The map was 12 years old, but for most of the park was fairly accurate. The only part that needed major updating was the dog run area where we were told four days before the event that we could not use.

The sun shone brightly on the day and at 12:15 we had a parking lot full of people, including about 20 marching cadets who had come all the way from Montrose. About 60 individuals and teams competed in all the events with some tough competition.

Thanks to Neal Barlow who helped greatly in vetting the courses, helping the registration and bringing some controls in. Thanks also to the cadets who helped bring more of the controls in. See you at Cherry Creek or the Annual Meeting.

- Alex Thomas, Meet Director

Red Course
  Class  Time
Jan IngebrigisenM00:59:28
Bendix GadegaardM01:02:03
Ladislav JezekM01:09:03
Steve StowrilM01:13:40
Michael YangM01:15:38
Ken LotzeM01:28:31
Gary SmithM01:32:05
Bob WardM01:33:42
Carol JohnsonF01:34:00
Tony MonishM01:47:40
B. Brooke MannF02:01:32
Kate & Ann ChapmanT02:15:42
Green Course
  Class  Time  
Troy BozarthM00:47:53
Tyler BennigsdorfM01:01:54
Dmitry ZamoshchinM01:01:55
Mike DieckM01:23:35
Josh & Ryan GoldsteinT01:27:11
Peter LewisM01:29:01
Jennifer FabianF02:20:55
Orange Course
  Class  Time  
S. Christianson & G. WheatT00:43:30
Chris KingM00:44:15
Russell BackhausM00:44:15
Deborah DoyleF00:56:30
Mark MollocksM00:58:00
Dennis WaltersM01:11:20
Amedri, Poelsy & DavisT01:12:17
Russ ClugstonM01:13:24
Jill BohunckyF01:22:10
Tom SramekM01:22:40
C. Hardaway & Terry ParkerT01:23:30
Troop 1AT01:31:04
Zach & JustinT01:32:05
Lisa & Charles GiffordT01:35:55
J. Brehm & J. MooreT01:36:30
Samuel TrevanM01:41:15
Steve SloanM01:50:48
B., M. & Z. CaylorT01:54:48
S. Folsom & A. AdmassuTDNF
Yellow Course
  Class  Time  
Shane ChristiansenM00:29:02
John BoughtonM00:30:35
Janet OliverF00:36:20
Corey WheatM00:37:28
S. Patee & Chris PoesleyT00:42:33
Loew FamilyT00:43:38
Krista DillingerF00:46:35
Cody DavisM00:47:33
Karen Cox & Wayne HallT00:52:15
Doyle BaxterM01:07:48
Fred AvileM01:08:54
James Crett & Vance PurueT01:10:00
White Course
  Class  Time
The MollicasT00:31:01
Lindsey BarnesF00:35:10
Christa BreningF00:35:10
Winters & RafelT00:35:10
Stephanie GardinerF00:41:10
Vanessa CrausF00:41:10
Rich CheridanM00:46:10
DNF = Did Not Finish
MP = Mis-Punched
WP = Wrong Punch
M = Male
F = Female
T = Team 

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