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Black Forest Regional Park
4 May 2002

I hope everyone enjoyed their visit to the Black Forest. Although a small area, it can provide some interesting navigational challenges. Congratulations to all those who figured out how the Purple courses worked.

A big thanks to all those who helped on the day: Gregg Cassarini, a first timer who spent most of his day helping out, Ladislav Jezek, Troy Bozarth, Sharon Crawford and Ian Ramsey. Plus Carson Black who vetted. If I forgot anyone I apologize.

If you feel any of the results are incorrect please contact me now. Note, I was able to figure out the individual course splits for Purple.

- Neal Barlow, Meet Director

Long Purple Course: Yellow+Orange+Bonus Loop (10.5km)
Name  Class  YellowOrangeBonusTOTAL
Dan NielsonM00:22:0000:30:0000:58:0401:50:04
Ian RamseyM00:36:0000:30:0800:50:5301:57:01
Doug BerlingM00:28:0000:43:2500:48:1301:59:38
Bob WardM00:28:1500:46:4101:02:3402:17:30
Ken LotzeM00:27:5500:53:0500:59:2402:20:24
Jeff KunkleM00:27:0600:56:5501:05:4402:29:45
Brendan WhiteM00:31:3500:49:5501:09:1402:30:44
Sharon CrawfordF00:34:1400:49:3000:58:2602:22:10
Brooke MannF00:34:0000:59:2601:18:2902:51:55
S. KaklikiawF00:31:2600:59:2301:21:2602:52:15
Gayle Hoffmeister and Julie LutheT00:56:0001:29:35DNSDNF
Marc HoffmeisterM00:56:0001:29:21DNSDNF

Short Purple Course: Orange+Bonus Loop (8.0km)
Name  Class  OrangeBonusTOTAL
Troy BozarthM00:44:0000:45:4501:29:45
Ladislav JezekM00:40:1301:00:1101:40:24
Mark HedricksonM00:43:0200:57:3701:40:39
Mark Bockman and Molly EllisT00:53:2301:06:2701:59:50
Peter Garry and Lewis TothT01:13:1801:19:5702:33:15
Robby FeinbergM01:52:0701:18:4303:10:50
Joan Allan and Miller BrownT00:44:00DNFDNF

Orange Course (3.5km)
  Class  Time
Carol JohnsonF01:05:00
Richard FoyM01:15:00
Tracy HuntzingerF01:21:15
Mary Ellen Donahue and Erin StephensT01:24:05
Ray and Barbara KujawskiT02:25:20
Dan McGregorMDNF
Yellow Course (2.5km)
  Class  Time
Carol JohnsonF00:31:02
G. CassaiziniM00:35:27
Rich FieldM00:47:26
Mark and Laura BrennanT01:00:22
Julie and Katie BrennanT01:01:39
Daven AllenM01:05:00
Amy, Anna and Robin CostnerT01:16:39
Lisa Gifford and Marcia ClarkT01:21:55
Mary Ellen Donahue and Erine StephensT01:30:08
Horner and WestT01:56:08
John, Alyssa and Angela RandallT02:03:08
Sandy Kelly and Cheryl DamonT02:08:06
Ash AdmassuM02:28:40
White Course (2km)
  Class  Time
Daven AllenM00:31:31
Lisa Gifford and Marcia ClarkT00:34:12
M=Male     F=Female     T=Team
DNS = Did Not Start    DNF = Did Not Finish

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