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Blue Mountain
7-8 September 2002

First I have to apologize to the Orange runners; it seems that the infamous Wyoming control eating badgers are migrating south early this year and they decided that marker one on Orange looked too good to pass up. I had put it out the day before but it was gone race day, so I apologize again for the frustration that caused.

Next I have to thank Dan Snow, as without his help I could not have put on the event. He worked with the Forest Service and ran registration both days; this allowed me to focus on the courses. There is also thanks due to those who helped on the day and with control pickup.

Lastly thanks to all of you who came out to do the courses, as that is why I put them on. I was happy to see I could keep James and Mikell out in the forest for 70 minutes. I am course setting at Round Mountain, July 4th, at next year's A meet, where I hope I can keep them out as long or even longer. Note, Mikell took 70 minutes for over 13km at the Scapegoat, so you have been warned.

Let me know if you find inaccuracies in the results.

- Neal Barlow, Meet Director

Blue Course
  Class  Day 1Day 2Total
Mikell PlattM70.4452.56123.40
James ScarboroughM69.5358.15128.08
Per SoderbergM77.5663.26141.22
Pontus JagemalmM93.1563.34159.49
Rich KellyM91.2670.57162.23
Jan IngerbrigisenM91.5675.34167.30
Orlyn SkienM125.55100.25226.20
Laurent BilletM145.24DNS 
Brendan WhiteM172.36DNS 
Adam FeerstMDNFDNS 
Bendix GadegaardMDNF120.54 
George TsozevskiMDNS106.50 
Bob WardMDNS140.11 
Red Course
  Class  Day 1Day 2Total
Bob McBrideM96.1495.58192.12
Sheryl LehmanF149.39105.53255.32
Ladislav JezekM95.27DNS 
Jim SandersM127.30DNS 
Brooke MannF201.32DNS 
Brendan WhiteMDNS70.51 
Green Course
  Class  Day 1Day 2Total
Troy BozarthM63.4544.00107.43
Joe ScarboroughM90.2764.11150.38
Dan SnowM78.49DNF 
Mark BaldwinM86.04DNS 
Mike JohnsonM162.00DNS 
Ladislav JezekMDNS51.01 
Dmitry ZamoschihnMDNS72.43 
Kirk HilbelinkMDNS111.25 
Sherry LitasiFDNS129.36 
Penni HernandezFDNS129.42 
Alexander BediaMDNSMP 
Orange Course
  Class  Day 1
Kirk HilbelinkM46.56
Geoff MurphyM113.56
Dan IbarraM114.34
Robyn MorganF120.11
Russ ClugstonM127.56
Loew FamilyT142.37
Yellow Course
  Class  Day 1
Hilbelink FamilyT39.10
Penni HernandezF60.00
White Course
  Class  Day 1
Joe ConcelmanM23.31
Kelly FamilyT64.15
DNS = Did Not Start
DNF = Did Not Finish
MP = Mis-Punched
M = Male
F = Female
T = Team 

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