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Chatfield State Park
20 April 2002

Meet Director: Ian Ramsey

Green Course
  Class  Time
Neal BarlowM00:38:10
Jan IngebrigtsenM00:42:40
Jason PooleM00:42:50
Will BurkhartM00:43:25
Dan NielsenM00:45:25
Ken LotzeM00:49:40
Doug BerlingM00:53:58
Troy BozarthM00:54:40
Marc HoffmeisterM00:54:40
Martin MarecM00:54:24
Kevin BentonM00:57:30
Brendan WhiteM01:02:26
Brooke MannF01:03:57
Todd HolmesM01:05:53
Mike HakansonM01:06:32
Dmitriy ZamoshchinM01:10:00
Tom UrbanM01:15:20
Dan HendricksonM01:18:45
Kirk, Aspen, HilbelinkT01:23:47
Gould, Gill, CovingtonT01:24:00
Abbass, Pippin, CejkaT01:35:22
Bob WolfM01:36:30
Robby and SherryT01:37:04
Sherry LitasiF01:37:04
Thomas and TsaiT01:59:30
Elizabeth BramhallF02:01:18
Davison and DumlerT02:01:43
Hammang, Recktenwald, AnazawaT02:18:00
Orange Course
  Class  Time
Goril JonesF00:39:45
Dan McGregorM01:12:00
Kathleen BrennanF01:13:45
Phillips and WeigelT01:17:00
Angie LuchtF01:24:48
Brunette and BergT01:39:45
Hardaway and Parker (x2)T01:51:05
Yellow Course
  Class  Time
Mike PiecuchM00:37:53
Hoffmeister x3T00:48:10
Kathleen and Robert MartinezT00:57:45
Brian Spillane and Co.T01:11:00
Demi KimF01:12:00
Ernie StephensM01:13:21
Graf, Ross, SearsT01:21:56
DeLuzio and RippeyT01:41:43
Paula MalleckF02:28:00
George BramhallM02:43:56
White Course
  Class  Time
Ken ReyM01:25:00
Turner, Turner, Turner, LindenT01:34:00
M=Male     F=Female     T=Team

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