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Fox Run
5 October 2002

I hope everyone who attended the Fox Run event enjoyed themselves. Thanks to the innocent bystanders who I pressed into service, or volunteered, on the day to help. Special thanks to Sean Morrisseg, a Boy Scout, who helped put out the controls in the morning and then manned the start/finish for a while.

It was with great pleasure I saw the expressions on people's faces when they saw that Green had 21 controls in 5.8km. I can't take all the credit; Mikell had us do something similar at his Wyoming training session. The idea is to work your compass skills with short legs and sharp direction changes. I hope people learnt from the experience. The only flaw with this plan was that I hadn't factored in how long people would take to copy down their maps, which led to a backup at the start, as Red's first loop was also Green.

Several people who entered Red stopped after the Green loop; they just appear in the Green results. Normally I don't check punch cards, but it came to my attention that a couple had wrong punch marks on them, so I thought it only fair to check all the cards. So the event committee met Sunday afternoon and reviewed all the advanced cards. I have all the control cards if you want to appeal the committee's findings.

If you have an comments or corrections about the results please let me know.

See you in the forest.

- Neal, Meet Director

Red Course
  Class  Loop 1 - GreenLoop 2 - RedTotal Time 
Rich KellyM00:50:0000:28:4601:18:46 
Micheal RoundsM01:00:4500:30:1501:31:00 
Mark HendricksonM01:17:2100:41:0901:58:30 
Bob WardM01:22:3000:38:3002:01:00 
Bendix GadegaardM01:17:2600:44:3302:01:59 
Brooke MannF01:28:1000:46:2102:14:31 
Sheryl LehmanF01:42:0002:32:4202:32:42 
Ken LotzeM01:45:3500:49:3302:35:08 
Laurent BilletM01:57:0000:57:2702:54:27 
Carol JohnsonF01:58:2000:58:0802:56:28MP Green #21
Dan NielsenM01:17:3000:34:2701:51:57WP Green #19
Green Course
  Class  Time 
Troy BozarthM00:53:40 
Ladislav JezekM01:06:20 
David BediaM01:46:18 
Dmitriy Zamoshchin"M01:48:20 
Ernie StephensM01:59:23 
Gary SmithM02:16:00 
Hernandez, Barbulescu & O'NeilT02:33:13 
Raul RiosT03:14:30 
Adam FeerstM01:33:00WP #9
Loew FamilyTDNF 
Orange Course
  Class  Time  
Goril JonesF00:35:11
Karla KinserT01:01:00
Tanya SorgeF01:20:04
Robert Gill & Judy VenableT01:23:10
Mark MollicaM01:26:10
Andy NaumanT01:27:40
Mike & Christe CotterT01:28:15
Lisa GiffordF01:30:20
Russ ClugstonT01:31:00
Ray & Barbara KujawskiT01:42:00
Jim PetersonT01:50:30
Wanninger, Dettar, David & MeKellT02:44:00
Damon, Kelly and ThompsonT04:08:35
Tim SpurckMDNF
Yellow Course
  Class  Time  
Armand BoudreauM00:20:50
Lisa Gifford F00:43:27
Will BurkhartM00:53:56
Tanya SorgeF00:54:05
Shaw FamilyT00:55:05
Vanessa PetersonT00:55:30
Tim Spurch & Mark MollicaT00:56:48
Hardaway, Parker & NiekkoT00:57:10
Jessica MeyersF01:08:01
Sean MorrissegM01:49:44
White Course
  Class  Time       
Jeff BilbreyM00:22:16
Karla KinserT00:24:59
Alex ZamoshchinM00:26:00
Jessica Kelly & Erin HoulihanT00:30:32
Kdoza, Pickering, Haley & VidalesT00:31:43
Russell Van TilburgM00:43:05
Jenna Duke & Bridget JeskeT00:51:00
Glenn CookM01:06:00
DNF = Did Not Finish
MP = Mis-Punched
WP = Wrong Punch
M = Male
F = Female
T = Team 

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