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Manitou Lake
1 June 2002

Thanks to the following people for helping with control pick-up: Kim Calebs, Steve Drake, Bob Wolf, Doug Berling, and Bob McBride.

Red Course (6.2km, 255m)
  Class  Time
Per SoderbergM48:50
Pontus JagemalmM58:01
Doug BerlingM1:10:23
Ladislav JesekM1:21:18
Brian MooreM1:21:49
Bob WardM1:47:15
Bob WolfM2:13:55
Orlyn SkrienM2:18:57
David BediaM2:41:15
Alex & JimT3:05:26
Jenny Rincon & Nick WalkerT3:14:00
Robert GillMDNF
Green Course (4.5km, 215m)
  Class  Time
Troy BozarthM55:40
Sherry LitasiF2:06:26
Dan & Liz IbarraT2:30:07
Susan KalditcianFDNF
Orange Course (3.7km, 160m)
  Class  Time
Peter CornishM 38:38
Nick Walker & Jenny RinconT57:51
Chris SchoenfelderM 1:35:40
Kim Calebs & Steve DrakeT 1:46:44
Ash Admassu, Wayne Miner, Steve FolsomT1:47:29
Laura PowellF1:47:50
Russ ClingstonM2:08:14
Barbara Kostner & Dave JacobsT2:11:53
Yellow Course (2.1km, 45m)
  Class  Time
Dan & Liz IbarraT36:50
White Course (3.7km, 50m)
  Class  Time
Russ ClugstonM44:00
Angela, John & Alyssa RandallT1:01:13
M=Male     F=Female     T=Team

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