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Palmer Park
7 July 2002

It was a nice sunny morning after much needed rain previous day - just inviting to go to the woods. I hung up controls and Bob set start/finish. The meet two weeks ago had to be canceled because of forest fire, so we better be ready for many participants. They were coming - Girl Scouts, families with young childern, orienteers running yellow and orange courses, but almost no racers of advanced categories. The best ones were in Canada, but that's only a few. Did all others go to celebrate Independence Day at the other end of the U.S. or did they fear that courses were too difficult?

Those who came all enjoyed their course, nice weather, and beautiful park. All finished within time limit, nobody gave up. Neal ran red course slightly longer than he would run same length in Cherry Creek Park, but certainly in reasonable time, and he liked navigational challenges. The brown course, for orienteers who are not as fast as they used to, was a good idea. All finished in reasonable time and enjoyed interesting shorter course.

A big thanks to those who helped me with start/finish or control pickup: Bob McBride, Neal Barlow, Davin Fifield, Diana Lane, Anna Camero and Steve Whitesell, and to Beatrice and Carson for vetting.

- Ladislav Jezek, Course Setter & Meet Director

Red Course
  Class  Time
Neal BarlowM01:14:07
Green Course
  Class  Time
Davin FifieldM01:21:50
Brown Course
  Class  Time
Dmitrij ZamoschinM01:43:26
Geoff MurphyM02:04:27
Orange Course
  Class  Time
Shawn Walker & NickT00:38:10
Anna Camero & Steve WhitesellT01:29:54
Russ ClugstonM01:49:40
Lee Granas & FamilyT02:29:11
Yellow Course
  Class  Time
Diana LaneF00:50:25
Dean BarcusM01:56:55
White Course
  Class  Time
Angela, Alysssa & John RandallT00:48:40
Carolyn Slomski & Chelsey NonakaT00:49:31
Aneida Slomski, Cindy Croetzinger, Amber Sublette & Cynthia JensenT01:12:02
M=Male     F=Female     T=Team

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