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Scapegoat at Round Mountain
25 August 2002

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The 2002 Scapegoat was held at Round Mountain August 25. There were 30 individuals and teams. The weather was great and everyone found the start. Only 2 missed the mass start.

There were two sets of courses, "Xs" and "Os", to help break up (and confuse) the orienteers. The first two controls were different for the Xs and the Os after which they returned for a map exchange. After the map exchange the Xs then ran the Os' first legs and the Os ran the Xs first legs so that by the 5th control each had run an identical course. After the 5th control all shared the same controls. There were lots of spectator controls for the benefit of the course setter and this allowed the runners to be near enough to start and finish on 3 occasions to grab some drinks or food if they wished.

From my standpoint everything was near perfect in that all the controls were hung by the features with care in hopes that the orienteers would soon be there. There was some difficulty with control 12 which was in a pit. Some reported that the control was hard to see. I had pulled a root stock into the pit and hung the flag from that so that it was visible from "inside the circle" just above the rim of the pit. The plastic hooks on the control flags sometimes allow the flags to slip a bit and that may have happened but only 2 people were unable to find the control. My apologies for not tying the flag on tighter!

Everyone seemed to survive all the little wrinkles in the course including two controls with different codes hung on the same feature. Did anyone notice? Times were fast in part due to the friendly nature of the terrain but mostly due to all the really fast people out there. Mikell Platt seems to have done the 13.7 K in just over 5 minutes per K. Mark Everett was likewise under 6 minutes per K. Third place Jan Ingebrigtsen had a more human time of just over 6 minutes per K. This was a very flat course, so flat that I didn't even bother to calculate the climb.

Sheryl Lehman was the fastest female, in fact the only female to finish the course under the 3- hour cutoff. Hooray, Sheryl!

My thanks to the helping hands that always seem to be there: Mikell Platt for setting out the direction signs, Neal Barlow for registering everyone and explaining the Xs and Os and Louise Segreto for handling the few late registrations and watching for finishers. Thanks to Laurent Billet, Doug Berling, Mikell Platt and Neal Barlow for picking up controls.

Everyone finishing in under 3- hours received a cup with a special commemorative Scapegoat sticker prepared by JJ Cote. Unfortunately, I could not locate the correct clear vinyl material to have these printed on so had to settle for a paper with a sticky back. This worked really poorly for the first 6 places which were on slightly larger and more rounded mugs and the paper really bunched up. If anyone wants the official sticker on vinyl just email me ( with your snail mail address and I will mail these out in November which should allow enough time to find the clear vinyl.

Thanks, everyone, it was fun. Next time there will be more hills.

- Steve Willman, Meet Director

1Mikell Platt01:09:36
2Mark Everett01:17:50
3Jan Ingebrigtsen01:22:50
4Todd Holmes01:24:10
5Jason Poole01:24:10
6Rich Kelly01:24:45
7Doug Berling01:31:26
8Neal Barlow01:33:50
9Michael Eglinski01:35:20
10Orlyn Skrien01:36:18
11Jim Sanders01:58:30
12Laurent Billet01:59:18
13Steve Dornseif02:02:50
14Ladislav Jezek02:02:55
15Mark Gibbard02:03:18
16Scott Powell02:13:07
17George Tsarevski02:26:25
18Mark Hughes02:35:15
19Bob McBride02:41:48
20Andy Moore02:42:56
21David Goldstein02:48:00
22Sheryl Lehman02:58:44
23Bob Ward02:58:45
24Brooke Mann03:59:12
DNFMartin Mavec23 controls
DNFTroy Bozarth15 controls
DNFAngie Lucht10 controls
DNFLaura Powell6 controls
DNFSarah Parklost card
DNFDuncan & Tote Hugheslost card

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