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Willow Creek Street-O
6 April 2002

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Course Setter: Sherry Litasi
Cleanup Crew: Sharon Crawford & Neal Barlow
Control Pickup: Neal Barlow, Sharon Crawford, Mark Hendrickson

I owe Neal Barlow an Easter Bunny! I never thought anyone would get all 29 controls in one hour but he took up the challenge and won! He said my first error was giving everyone five minutes to look at their map before the mass start. Ok, so not next year!

The mass start was fun to watch! Everyone intent on planning their routes and then, GO! Competitors sprinted off in all directions! At 56 minutes, Neal was back with all of them. At 57 minutes Troy Bozarth returned with 27. Troy had an advantage having been on the map last year, but we started at a different clubhouse. Last year was north central, this year was south central. Next year, who knows?

We were joined by Danelle Ballengee, the famous adventure racer and Eco-challenger who was our last finisher, determined to find them all. She did so in 1 hour and 30 minutes! She said it was great training for the urban adventure races coming up. Danelle also holds the Woman's record for climbing 14'ers the fastest!

And, because of the mass start, we could sit down for our pot-luck all together. There was plenty of food and Easter candy for dessert! After eating, the top 5 runners entertained us with their route choices. We laughed about the little girls who hid #10 after finding out that it was a "game we were playing". It's a good thing that the controls were red plastic dinner plates!

Next year we'll beef up the score-O format with different points for some controls and make it harder for Neal to find them all!

- Sherry Litasi (Meet Director & Course Setter)

Neal Barlow 145 points 29 controls in 56 minutes  
Troy Bozarth 135 points 27 controls in 57 minutes
Mark Hendrickson 125 points 25 controls in 60 minutes
Bob Ward 120 points 24 controls in 59 minutes
Gary Smith 90 points 18 controls in 58 minutes
Dmitriy Zamoshchin 85 points 17 controls in 55 minutes
Dan McGregor 50 points 12 controls in 62 minutes
Sharon Crawford 110 points 22 controls in 59 minutes
Sara Delano 105 points 21 controls in 59 minutes
Kimberly Grimm 105 points 25 controls in 64 minutes
Lael Masinton 85 points 17 controls in 55 minutes
Cheryl Damon 40 points 8 controls in 57 minutes
Danelle Ballengee 0 points 29 controls in 90 minutes
Jeff K. &
Peggy Brocktrup
110 points 22 controls in 56 minutes
Schwepker Family 55 points 16 controls in 65 minutes
Helen & Susan Polatsek 30 points 11 controls in 65 minutes
Stephanie Hinton
& Lynette Ludwig
0 points 16 controls in 96 minutes
Alex Zamoshchin
(age 9)
35 points 7 controls in 59 minutes

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