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Willow Creek Street-O
9 November 2002

On Oct 30th Sharon Crawford asked, "Can we have a meet at Willow Creek before the Annual Meeting?" My response was, "Heck no, I'm too busy with Cherry Creek to think about it." So Sharon said, "I'll set it." And thus, a meet was born!

Getting the word out at the last minute wasn't easy - we relied on the web site and this email list, and netted the regulars plus one student from Red Rocks Orienteering class.

The day started out sunny and t-shirt/shorts weather. By the time people started (about 11:25 - mass start) clouds dropped in and it started to sprinkle by 12:30. But we were warm inside the clubhouse eating and socializing. We had a good turnout for the meeting which will be reported on another email.

Thanks to Sharon for setting and putting out controls. Thanks to Jan Ingebritson (sorry I'm going from my poor memory on the spelling), Doug Berling, and Adam Feerst for picking up controls. Doug was the only one who did the course and when they split up controls they neglected to notice that they were using maps from last spring! Still, they managed to find most of the controls!

For the second time in a row, Neal Barlow found them all in less than 1 hour! Troy came in 40 seconds later!!! Neal said that Troy won't be allowed to run less than the Red Course next year as he's getting too good for such a young guy!

- Sherry Litasi, Meet Director

60-Minute Course
  Time    Points  
Neal Barlow57:10:00150 points
Troy Bozarth57:50:00150 points
Brian Moore58:50:00145 points
Doug Berling56:30:00135 points
Dimitry Zamoshchin56:04:00105 points
Bob Ward58:40:00105 points
Kara & Sverre Froyen59:40:0080 points
Kathleen Brennan61:00:0080 points
Alex Thomas59:59:0075 points
Gary Smith01:15:0065 points
Mike Dieck58:41:0055 points
Bill BurnsDNF 
30-Minute Course
  Time  Points
Alex Zamoshchin28:11:0040 points

DNF = Did Not Finish
MP = Mis-Punched
WP = Wrong Punch
M = Male
F = Female
T = Team 

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