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Frisco Ski-O
19 January 2002

It was a glorious day in the high country with the bluest sky and the coldest snow. But the sun warmed the air comfortably, and it was great to be out.

Thanks to Sharon for course-setting, hanging the flags, and her hospitality. Thanks to Mil and Jim Plant for a delicious meal afterwards at their house, just the right thing after a good workout. It was well worth the drive to Frisco!

- Beatrice Zurcher (Meet Director)

Long Course: 5.5km/13 controls
Name  Class  Time
George ScottM68:58
Stan WagonM83:26
Ladislav JezekM84:20
Doug BerlingM93:16
Neil BarlowM94:20
Mike SpakM99:40
Brandon WhiteM102:05
Paul BraunM102:47
Carson BlackM105:02
Beatrice ZurcherF108:10
Bob WardM114:06
The MullersM132:15
Gary SmithM135:20
Orlyn SkrienMDNF

Medium Course: 4.6km/11 Controls
Name  Class  Time
Bob Ward*M66:50
Christoph ZurcherM67:01
Sandra ZurcherF70:55
Wendy VawserF71:48
Dick OpsahlM99:04
Robin SpriggsF106:22
Sherry LitasiF114:10
Jack NyquistM117:47
*Bob ran Medium after completing the Long Course so would have some advantage.

Short Course: 3.1km/8 Controls
Name  Class  Time
Karen DornseifM52:10
Judy OpsahlF56:20
Steve DornseifM56:26
David GrupeT65:16
Joe AagaardM66:40
Chris SpriggsM102.22
Al SlavinM116:20

M=Male     F=Female     T=Team

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