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Bear Creek Lake Park (Lakewood)
5 October 2003

Over 100 people converged on Bear Creek Lake Park on a spectacularly warm and clear Sunday in October. That included two large groups from Montrose HS NJROTC and Red Rocks Community College. There were large packs out on several of the courses. For over an hour, the Orange and Yellow courses had lines of up to eight people/teams waiting.

For those on the advanced courses, it was a good reminder that Colorado does have some thick vegetation, like much of the rest of the country. A straight line wasn't always the fastest route. Sometimes it was better to go around the bushes and marshes. It was humorous to see several people finish covered in stickers from ankle to shoulder.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in and helped, especially to Bill Haas who handled all of the registration.

- Adam Feerst, Meet Director & Course Setter

Red Course
  Class  Time
1Brian MooreM01:16:54
2Jan IngebrigtsenM01:19:02
3Pontus JagemalinM01:21:25
4Mike KloserM01:26:48
5Sverre FroyenM01:42:24
6Jason PooleM01:43:24
7Bryan LaytonM01:49:40
8Troy BozarthM01:54:05
9Dmitriy ZamoshchinM01:55:30
10Dougald MacDonaldM01:58:44
11Sara DelanoF02:09:27
12Carol JohnsonF02:12:51
13Gordon McCurryM02:21:42
14Bob WardM02:34:23
15Bob WolfM02:58:00
 Kent LotzeMDNF
 Elise Harrington & George MerriamTDNF
Green Course
  Class  Time
1David GoldsteinM01:25:27
2Brooke MannF01:30:58
3Jared Taylor (ROTC)M03:13:44
4Colby & April LorenzT03:17:35
 Steve DornseifMDNF
Orange Course
  Class  Time
1Sven von FelleubergM55:40:00
2Joel WiseM01:17:25
3Greg Wheat (ROTC)M01:20:10
4Scott & Kate BostickT01:31:15
5Kel AnzeliusF01:36:55
6David Luhan, Kelly & Madeleine ElverumT01:43:35
7Kathleen BrennanF01:46:40
8Drew & Karen BirchT01:51:35
9Christian, Heidi, Emily KloserT01:53:16
10Javier Contreras (ROTC)M02:01:38
11John OliviaM02:03:22
12Sean Schofield (ROTC)M02:04:41
13 Voss/MellentineT02:05:22
14Danny Troncoso (ROTC)M02:10:10
15Otto KuttnerM02:11:10
16Matt OsierM02:19:40
17Alex SearleM02:28:25
18Nancy HobbsF02:33:00
19Bob ShifletM02:36:25
20Laurie Mcdonald & Kirk BrunigT02:36:35
21Damon Brown & Jen AllenT02:44:35
22Bryan Berry & Kent ScarboroughT02:49:05
23Carol, Paul & Erin KendallT02:54:20
24Paula & Andrea MalleckT03:22:00
 Harvey Anderson (ROTC)MDNF
 Tyler Bennigsdorf (ROTC)MDNF
 Pete NasethMDNF
Yellow Course
  Class  Time
1Dougald MacDonald & Christine BlackmonT26:58:00
2Norm ButterfieldM29:14:00
3Bryan WeimersM38:00:00
4Nancy Hobbs & Gordon McCurryT45:12:00
5Nick Acklin (ROTC)M58:25:00
6Chad Black (ROTC)M01:00:35
7Parris DeightonM01:02:43
8Dan McNeill (ROTC)M01:03:10
9P&B JonesT01:03:27
10Amanda Conroe & Anne-Marie Franciose (ROTC)T01:13:15
11Pete NasethM01:15:20
12Mary FrojenF01:16:16
13Heather Pariseau (ROTC)F01:25:28
14Ray GrundmeyerM01:34:20
15Con LedererM02:11:20
16David Gomez (ROTC)M02:14:10
17Daniel Starling (ROTC)MDNF
White Course
  Class  Time
1Christian, Heidi, Emily KloserT21:12:00
2April & Colby LorenzT28:40:00
3Casey Behrends & Stacy MaynardT30:43:00
4Erin Houilihan & Jessica KellyT32:20:00
5Meg Houilihan, Robin & Bruce KellyT36:20:00
6Chip GalatyM58:10:00
7Brent WarnekeM01:00:30
8Christopher WarnekeM01:02:50
9Tracy WarnekeF01:11:20
 Hoedel & MoatTDNF
Bike-O Course
  Class  Time
1Mike KloserM54:25:00
2Jason PooleM01:00:30
3Rich KellyM01:06:12
4Pontus JagemalinM01:13:54
5Bryan CaylonM01:31:25
6Scott RizzoM01:47:46
7Dryer & BoughtonT02:58:40

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