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Chatfield State Park
29 March 2003

When Mike and I went out to Chatfield in early March, the temp was 60+ and the terrain was barren with a lot of happy dogs running around. All the ditches and trails were dry. The creek and river were trickles. The ponds had ample beach. Who would ever have guessed that three feet of snow would fall a week later, closing the park for several days (not to mention snowing me in for two days and ironically postponing Adam Feerst's snowshoe-O event).

On the day of the meet we could have called it the Mud Fest! We were grateful that people showed up to get dirty, wet and cold. They seemed to like the idea of the memory courses -- "it was good training", they said. We did make a couple of mistakes though. We should have used real controls instead of red paper since they didn't show up well with the snow.

We should have separated the green and red maps more clearly. Where red and green shared controls but not legs, it was too easy to study the wrong map. JP and Adam didn't notice this and followed the red legs, then green, then back to red finishing in 8 controls instead of 16.

It was a fun experiment and a good way to use and reuse a small and over-used park. Hopefully we'll be able to map other parts of Chatfield in time for next year.

- Sherry Litasi, Meet Director

Red Memory-O Course
  Class  Time
JP IngebrigtsenM01:03:03
Troy BozarthM01:17:42
Scott PowellM01:44:52
Gary SmithM02:08:37
Ray WeedonMDNF (found 12)
Bob & Christina WardTDNF (found 10)
Alex ThomasMDNF
Green Memory-O Course
  Class  Time
Bendix GadegaardM01:14:45
Dmitriy ZamoshchinM01:34:41
Jamie HurleyM01:46:17
Mike DieckM01:46:20
Red/Green/Red Memory-O Course
  Class  Time
JP IngebrigtsenM00:36:15
Adam FeerstM00:54:02
Yellow Course (3.8km)
  Class  Time
Tim Wayne & Scott BorenT00:40:25
Tina Hemmerling & Toby StenquistT00:48:20
Kristin JossiF00:38:16
Laura PowellF01:07:03
Dean BarcusM01:18:39
Paul Hassett & Christy LynchT01:19:39
Kymmy & KaitlynTDNF
Allison EddlemanFDNF
M = Male    F = Female    T = Team

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