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Fox Run
20 September 2003

Red Course
  Class  Time
Jan IngebrigtsenM00:49:50
Brian MooreM00:54:32
Troy Bozarth M00:54:36
Brendan WhiteM01:04:00
Ladislav JezekM01:06:43
Sverre FroyenM01:09:30
Steve LevinM01:25:41
Mike Dieck M01:28:30
B. Brooke MannF01:55:58
Sheryl LehmanF02:01:40
Green Course
  Class  Time
Dmitriy ZamoshchinM01:03:24
Peter LewisM01:27:47
Brendan ReissT02:20:48
Yellow Course
  Class  Time
Joey ReynesM01:16:27
Sean CurnowM01:26:04
Andrea FlemingT01:28:06
Ray and Barbara KujawskiT01:28:26
Nicole Thomas/Kari PrejeanT01:55:12
Jeff Reese MDNF
Matthew WilnesMDNF
White Course
  Class  Time
Greg Richardson/DanielBergT00:30:10
Sabrina Poole/Kristina CaronT01:01:00
Candy and Jack HanniganT01:04:55
Sarah Wallace/Lana GarciaT01:05:10
Alex, Daniel and Yelena ZamoshchinT01:11:47
Tasha FedorczukF01:20:00
John PhillipsM01:33:57

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