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26 July 2003

THANK YOU to the volunteers:

  • Meet Director: Sherry Litasi
  • Course Setter: Brendan White
  • Course Vetter: Sherry Litasi
  • Registration: George Bramhall, Brooke Mann, Neal Barlow
  • Start/Finish: Jim Plant
  • Control Pickup: Michael & Bradley Rounds, Bryce Kelly, Gary Smith, Brian Moore, Bonnie Ackerman, Jessica Kelly

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This meet turned out better than we hoped! Back in June, Brendan was attempting to set courses on our ski-o map (based on USGS contours) and a small bit of map near the Nordic Center that Jim Plant had field checked and drafted in OCAD some years back.

Miracle 1 - new field work. My old friend Plamen Djambazov, mapper for the VWC97 in Minnesota (and many other maps) called to say he would do the map. He planned to drive out from Minnesota and spend his vacation without his family, camping and field checking based on a 7 year old base map. When he drove home on July 3rd, he left us color copies of his very clean field notes. Brendan and I finished the courses based on these notes, hoping for a OCAD drafted map in time for the meet.

Miracle 2 - OCAD drafted map. Plamen went back to work as a graphic designer while his wife, Violeta, attacked OCAD to get the map drafted. After some intensive QA, Plamen emailed the map in PDF format to me on the Tuesday! I emailed the map to Cottrell Printing who had 150 copies ready for me on Wednesday!!! The difference between the field notes and the real map affected a few controls but we went with the original plan due to the short time frame.

Miracle 3 - Get a permit from both the Town of Frisco and the U.S. Forest Service. In the winter, we operated under the Nordic Center's permit. Jim Plant had a bit of legwork and "adventures in government" both with the Town of Frisco and the US Forest Service. Lucky for us, all the people were very helpful and we had our permit in hand 2 days before the meet! Brooke kept the web site and club list up to date - and based on the numbers of people who showed up - the message got out! I'm imagining everyone checking the web site daily to find out the status.

We had a lot of new faces - many from Summit County and a few who were staying at the campground. Brendan, Jim and I were very grateful for the good turnout! Thanks to all who made it!

The weather in Frisco was a nice relief from 100 degree weather in Denver. Sunny in the morning, a storm began to brew mid-afternoon and we took shelter from the rain and a little hail under the eaves of the Nordic Center building. I detected a look of shock on a number of ski-o regulars who had never seen the area without snow or those who didn't realize that Lake Dillon was full of water. When putting out some controls that morning, I was in awe of the great beauty before me! This area is indeed impressive!

In June, while Plamen was mapping, I made friends with the Campground hosts and the couple, Brian and Ellen Brown, who organize Interpretive talks at the campground. At 10am before our meet, I spoke to about 20 campers about Orienteering and using a map and compass. An enthusiastic family from Oklahoma rode the long bike course. In fact, this was the largest number of people on any of our bike courses. Frisco is a great place for a Bike-O!

In the results below, you'll see a number of names repeated and some misspelled. (Some writing wasn't clear so please email and we'll correct your spellings.) We didn't close courses too early to allow eager first-timers the opportunity to try more than one course. For once the new-comers outnumbered the regulars!

Thanks to all who helped and to all who joined us!

- Sherry Litasi, Meet Director

Red Course
  Class  Time
Brian MooreM69:50
Rich KellyM70:45
Neal BarlowM78:26
Mark GibbardM78:45
Troy BozarthM82:45
Mike HakansonM101:30
Dan NielsenM105:13
Ladislav JezekM106:50
Michael RoundsM107:55
Gary SmithM119:55
Carl MooreM124:45
Marc & Gayle HoffmeisterT177:30
Green Course
  Class  Time
Neal BarlowM39:20
Dmitriy ZamoshchinM59:25
Anita BrattlandF65:30
Linda MooreF67:30
Dave GoldsteinM67:30
Alan & Cheryl HighamT75:25
Brooke MannF83:10
Mike DieckM92:15
Betty BramhallF120:16
Steven, Shawn & Rachel ShaferT182:50
Orange Course
  Class  Time
Bruce HallM36:45
Andy MooreM56:15
Dan FinleyM80:35
Yellow Course
  Class  Time
Bruce & Charisse HallT35:58
Brian & Ellen BrownT44:10
Oberriter Family (Angel, Jessica, Marie, Julie)T61:30
Bradley Rounds & Bryce KellyT62:35
Alan & Cheryl Higham, Dan FinleyT85:06
Angela Gould, Onna, Autumn, CharlieT123:00
Cindy Leonard, Jeff, Tasha, Ally KrinskyT126:30
Tim & Lindsey Sitz, Rianna WerlT125:20
Bonnie AckermanFDNF
White Course
  Class  Time
Bruce & Charisse HallT17:24
Jessica KellyF32:20
Oberriter Family (Angel, Jessica, Marie, Julie)T41:35
Zamoshchin Family (Alex, Daniel, Yelena)T57:45
Bike-O Course
  Class  Time
Dan NielsenM59:45
Rich KellyM62:15
Ian Chapman & Dru TaylorT81:10
Anne & Daniel ChapmanT97:30
Rob Sharp & ? SmithT115:10
Kim Calebs & Steve DrakeT119:10
Geoff MurphyM120:15
Kurt Dinnes Family (Norman, OK)T170:45
Dan McGregorMDNF

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