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May Daze
Laramie, Wyoming
May 31 - June 1, 2003

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Some photos from Bob Ellis:

Match these five Map snippets to the correct photos below:



Here are some other scenes from the May Daze meet:

Day 1 - Pelican Bay

Red Course
  Class  Time
Mikell PlattM55:44:00
Neil BarlowM64:06:00
Brian MooreM72:50:00
Joel SwisherM73:19:00
Jan IngebrigtsenM79:22:00
Doug BerlingM94:56:00
Mark GibbardM95:36:00
Scott PowellM97:47:00
Orlyn SkrienM112:33:00
Brendan WhiteM121:33:00
Brooke MannF142:20:00
Gary SmithMDNF
Kristin JossiFDNF
Green Course
  Class  Time
Anita BrattlandF96:31:00
Bob EllisM104:13:00
Dougald MacDonaldM104:56:00
Steve LevinM105:09:00
Sheryl LehmanF105:26:00
Dave GoldsteinMOT
Orange Course
  Class  Time
Laura PowellF105:00:00
Travis and Laura OlsonT113:05:00
Sherry LitasiF124:17:00
Yellow Course
  Class  Time
Kristin JossiF39:40:00
Jim StromerM75:26:00

Day 2 - Bisbee Hill

Red Course
  Class  Time
Neal BarlowM62:14:00
Jan IngebrigtssonM67:01:00
Brian MooreM68:18:00
Rich KellyM70:37:00
Joel SwisherM80:00:00
Orlyn SkrienM83:41:00
Mike Braun (Spokane, Washington)M134:09:00
Bob EllisMDNF
Brooke MannFDNF
Green Course
  Class  Time
Steve LevinM90:34:00
Sheryl LehmanF91:43:00
Anita BrattlandF107:42:00
Gary SmithM162:28:00
Orange Course
  Class  Time
Sherry LitasiF55:15:00
Jim Stromer (Lincoln, Nebraska)MDNF
Yellow Course
  Class  Time
Libby EllisF32:12:00

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