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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club

November 1, 2003

President Sherry Litasi called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm at the Willow Creek I Clubhouse in Centennial, Colorado.

  1. 2004 Officers: The slate of officers for the next year was presented:

    Officer 2004 Nominee
    President Sherry Litasi
    Vice-President (South) Neal Barlow (to replace Dan Snow)
    Vice-President (Central) Sverre Froyen
    Vice-President (Medicine Bow) Mikell Platt
    Treasurer Dick Matthews
    Secretary Vacancy

    It was moved and voted to adopt the slate as presented.

  2. Treasurer's Report: Dick Matthews distributed the report for the year 2002 and for 2003 as of November 1, 2003. Map Fund has $23,589.40. Operating Fund has $2,104.22 for a total in the bank of $25,693.62. Details of income and expenses in each fund were explained. It was voted to accept the Treasurer's Report.

  3. Future Maps: Making maps in 2004 was discussed. Steve Willman plans to make a map near Buena Vista to be used in 2005. RMOC has placed a bid with USOF to host the U.S. Individual Championships that year. It was suggested that the Bear Creek Lake Park map be updated to OCAD, and to also get a new base map for Cherry Creek. Other suggestions were to map at Golden Gate Canyon State Park, the Deckers area, Peak-to-Peak areas, and the Buffalo Creek area.

  4. Volunteer of the Year: A plaque was presented to Adam Feerst as RMOC Volunteer Of The Year for his many outstanding activities on behalf of the club.

  5. Membership Dues: Sherry explained that she has been alerted by USOF that insurance rates will increase very much in 2004. With our finances in such good shape, it was voted to delay an increase in our dues at this time. It was agreed to offer memberships at $12.00 per year or $20.00 for two years for Individual membership, and $18.00 per year or $30.00 for two years for Family membership.

      The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.

      Respectfully submitted,
      Millicent Plant, Acting Secretary

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