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Eighth Annual Scapegoat
Round Mountain
November 22, 2003

Course: 19.75km. Ending after control 18 = 12.85km. Ending at Control 14 = 7.3km plus 3km back to the finish.

Weather: Cold and sunny at the start, changing to 4" to 6" of snow with occasional bitter wind by afternoon. Visibility dropped to 100 meters by 1:00pm.

Scapegoat: Because of Mike Kloser's startling revelation, the standard excuse for the day was that anyone who was faster must have been punching out of order.

Volunteers: Carol Johnson and Ken Lotze provided a huge amount of help by picking up about half of the controls. And, Carson Black has also agreed to pick up some of the controls that are left out there.

- Steve Willman, Meet Director & Course Setter



Name  Class  TimeNotes
1Jason PooleM02:51:02 
2Troy BozarthM03:12:30 
3Bruce HallM03:37:25 
4Sharon CrawfordF03:37:35 
5Dan NielsonM04:02:12 
6Doug BerlingM04:11:00 
7Mike HakansonM04:36:00 
8Sara DelanoF04:41:41 
9Brandon PattersonM04:56:17 
10Michael RoundsM05:11:00No punch card but described all control locations under interrogation.
 Mike KloserM****** Mike's time was 2:46:10 but he punched out of order. Mike was awarded a mug for exceptional honesty.
 Carson BlackMNPCNo punch card - said to have finished ~4:30.
 Rock CogarMNPCNo punch card - shadowed Carson for first time orienteering.
 Elise HarringtonFNPCMissing punch card - time?
 Orlyn SkrienMDNF (2:20)18 controls
 Brooke MannFDNF (3:34)18 controls
 Ken Lotze/
Carol Johnson
TDNF (3:48)18 controls
 Danelle BalengeeFDNF14 controls (I believe this was Danelle - no name on card)
 David MoonMDNF14 controls (spent a lot of time looking for #15 and retired)
 Andy Nauman/
Melissa Baldridge
TDNF14 controls
 Matt ChesauxMDNF14 controls

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