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Willow Creek Street-O
19 April 2003

Unpredictable = Spring in Colorado! When the weather is iffy, you can figure that the die-hards will always show up.

Bob Ward drove over Monument Hill in snow but at Willow Creek it wasn't too bad -- just a few rain drops. The nice thing about Willow Creek is coming into the clubhouse, getting dry, and having a nice potluck. I'm impressed by the cooking skills of the men -- we ate comfortably and had a brief meeting to discuss the Safety Plan and Mapping (more to come on these subjects).

Brian found them all the fastest and won the orange and white Easter Bunny. Troy came in a close second.

Thanks to Susan Griffin for setting the courses, and to the volunteers who helped pick up controls. Thanks to all for making it a great day!

- Sherry Litasi, Meet Director

Score-O Format: 34 controls / 1-hour limit
Name  Class  Time  Points  
Brian MooreM57:45165
Troy BozarthM59:45165
Mark HendricksonM59:45130
Bob WardM59:45130
Gary SmithM59:30105
Bob GauntM56:0045

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