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Ninth Annual Ski-O
Frisco Nordic Center
January 31st, 2004

[Ski-O Results]   [Snowshoe Score-O Results]   [Photos]

Ski-O Report: Actually, this was the ninth ski-O and the second snowshoe orienteering event at the Frisco Nordic Center. The snowshoe component was added single-handedly by Adam Feerst in 2003 and this year he made it a score-O. The snow cover was a little light. It started snowing around noon. By the time the snowshoe event started it was really dumping.

Many thanks to Betty and George Bramhall for handling registration again, Mil the start and finish, Margareta for giving beginner instruction, and Sharon for planning such challenging courses. Thanks to Adam Feerst, for the snowshoe score-O course. A lot of people did both the ski-O and snowshoe-O. Following the meet we had about 20 at our house for dinner.

- Jim Plant, Meet Director

Snowshoe Score-O Report: The snowshoe-o used a score-o format with a mass start and a 1:30 time limit. At 1:30pm, 17 individuals and teams headed out in several different directions in search of 14 controls. The controls ranged from 5 and 10 point controls close to the start and trails, up to 60 point controls further off trails and through deeper powder. The signature feature was a 50 point control that required competitors to venture a short way across the frozen lake to an island. After 1:30, penalties started accumulating at 20 points for the first minute, and 5 points for every minute after that. Fifteen of the 17 made it in under the time limit. Three cleared all the controls.

- Adam Feerst, Course Setter

Long Ski-O Course (6.4km, 12 Controls)
1Jan IngebrigtsenRMOCM63:28:00
2George ScottRMOCM63:50:00
3Brian MooreRMOC M81:27:00
4Rich KelleyRMOCM87:18:00
5Martin FarenfieldRMOCM88:01:00
6Ladislav JezekRMOCM90:25:00
7Douglas BerlingRMOCM91:00:00
8Doug MacDonaldRMOCM93:05:00
9Brendan WhiteRMOCM105:04:00
10Carson Black RMOCM106:20:00
11Orlyn SkrienRMOCM108:57:00
12Bob EllisRMOCM119:01:00
13Bob WardRMOCM121:01:00
14Steve LevinRMOCM127:35:00
15David FelknorRMOCM129:43:00
16Lehman GroupRMOCT139:06:00
17Dick OpsahlNMOCM161:22:00
18Mark Slovak Pika TeamRMOCT162:24:00
19Anne Chapman Team T174:55:00
20Sheryl LehmanRMOCF175:05:00
 Richard JobsonRMOCMDNF
Medium Ski-O Course (4.3km, 11 Controls)
1Clark MaxfieldCOOCM53:10:00
2Rob & Noel Love T61:15:00
3Chapman F78:07:00
4Janet Rose F89:04:00
5Jack NyquistRMOCM97:04:00
6Sherry Litasi RMOCF104:01:00
7Judy OpsahlNMOCF114:05:00
8Elizabeth BramhallRMOCF118:15:00
9Gary Smith & Gail Bolin T119:46:00
 Andy NaumanRMOCMDNF
Short Ski-O Course (2.1km, 6 Controls)
1Deanne Brandsteller F44:20:00

Snowshoe Score-O

  Control #512141820243132394448556365 Gross
PlaceNamePoints: 510101020203030304040506060TimePenalty
1.Jason PooleMXXXXXXXXXXXXXX1:22:38415 415
1.Jan IngebrigtsenMXXXXXXXXXXXXXX1:22:38415 415
3.Rich KellyMXXXXXXXXXXXXXX1:29:37415 415
4.Troy BozarthMX XXXXXXXX XXX1:27:50365 365
5.Orlyn SkrienMX  XXXXXXX XXX1:28:00355 355
6.Brian MooreMX     XXXXXXXX1:26:45345 345
7.D. MacDonaldMXXXXXXXXXXXX  1:20:55295 295
7.Sharon CrawfordFXXXXXXXXXXXX  1:20:55295 295
9.Dmitriy ZamoshchinMXX  XXXX XXX  1:26:27245 245
10.Brooke MannF XXXXXX  XXX  1:25:30230 230
11.Kate ChapmanFX XXXXX  XXX  1:27:30225 225
12.Clark MaxfieldMXX XXXXX XX   1:23:30205 205
13.Dick OpsahlMXX XXX XX X   1:25:45165 165
14.Doug BerlingMXXX XX XX   XX1:51:00245-120125
15.Smith & BolinT    XXX   X   1:18:34110 110
16.Chapa & DelanoT   X   XX X X 1:38:55170-60110
17.Judy OpsahlFXX  XXX       1:11:4085 85
M = Male    F = Female    T = Team

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