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Kelly Dahl (Nederland)
October 23, 2004

This year's meet was well received. Over 110 individuals in 84 single or team entries showed up. We had JROTC competitors from the western slope, Delta and Montrose, and visitors from clubs in St. Louis and Halifax. We were blessed by the weather that did not deliver the 10-20 inches of snow that was predicted as late as Thursday. As usual, it was windy at registration but quite pleasant in the woods.

The results again showed that participants find a significant difference in orienteering in a mostly wooded area with few trails vs. the park maps near Denver. There were some very long times and too many DNFs, indicating people were not yet ready to move up to Green just because they had done Orange or Yellow down on the plains.

MANY MANY thanks to my family -- Libby Ellis, Tobi Summerhayes, and Noah Goughenour -- and to George Bramhall for pitching in with Registration, Start and Finish. With this many people I really needed some responses to my plea for help via the internet. Thanks also to Troy Bozarth and Brian Moore for helping get results posted. Thanks again to Brian who came back on Sunday to help retrieve the 40 controls.

- Bob Ellis, Meet Director & Course Setter


M = Male    F = Female    T = Team
Red Course
Brian Moore RMOC M 1:01:24
Mark Gibbard RMOC M 1:14:22
Troy Bozarth RMOC M 1:19:07
Jonas Fast RMOC M 1:22:22
Gordon McCurry RMOC M 1:27:49
Mark Bockmann RMOC M 1:30:28
Jason Poole RMOC M 1:41:33
Mike Hakanson RMOC M 1:41:36
Andreas Mauman RMOC M 1:47:00
Steve Levin RMOC M 1:50:49
Julie Geng & Mark Slovak RMOC T 2:03:32
David Weber -- M 2:40:39
Bryon Caylor RMOC M 2:49:55
Todd Holms -- M DNF
Green Course
Brendan Simmons, Jim Conrad & Seth Hiler DHS T 0:56:40
Mark Baldwin RMOC M 1:17:58
Ken Lotze RMOC M 1:21:59
Anita Brattland RMOC F 1:29:05
Mike Dieck RMOC M 1:36:40
Dougald MacDonald RMOC T 1:40:57
Carol Johnson RMOC F 1:46:00
Bob Grant RMOC M 1:51:20
B. Brooke Mann RMOC F 2:04:16
Joel Janov & Tom Econumou -- T 2:09:38
Geoff Murphy RMOC M 2:15:25
Dereli Dean, Jessica Dean & Bruce Ruth -- T 2:32:47
Kathleen Brennan RMOC F 2:35:05
Peter Lewis Halifax OC M 2:39:10
Dave Lamothe & Kent Scarborough RRCC T 2:53:43
Jarret Anderson & Chris Lee -- T 3:10:01
Dustin Liray, Michael Benv & Phillip Spiraden JROTC T 4:01:54
Betty Bramhall RMOC F DNF
Travis Macy -- M DNF
Erin Wallin RMOC M DNF
Peter McLaughlin -- M DNF
Jeff Borchardt -- T DNF
Brett Yoho & Rene Myers -- T DNF
Ingrid Herte & Kim Beer RMOC T DNF
Chris Potts & Coty Cribosy -- T DNF
Orange Course
Rodger Kram -- M 0:48:48
Yuki Saito & Anca Hornog -- T 0:56:17
Renee Jones -- T 1:14:56
Keith Boshaw RMOC M 1:25:52
Beth, Jack, Jared & Ernie -- T 1:44:22
Lawrence Pelo -- M 1:53:30
Paul Turnburk -- M 2:07:20
Dave Hawley & Harry Rice PTOC T 2:08:49
Steve & Becky Hathaway -- T 2:13:13
Cindy & Bruce Osmun RMOC T 2:17:00
Shawn Wright & Bud Andrew Delta Force T 2:30:08
Chaw Weed, Kim Tran & Paula Brown Delta Force T 2:44:28
BJ McLeran & Dave Wilson -- T 2:52:59
Samantha Carater, Todd Hunt & David Carter RMOC T 2:58:45
Laura Zanilsa -- F 3:00:50
Jess Kelly RMOC F 3:00:50
Jessica Zunica & St Stroup -- T 3:07:34
Sheryl Lehman RMOC F DNF
Art Breymaier -- M DNF
Noah Goughenour & Tobi Summerhayes -- T DNF
Susan Simmons -- T DNF
Andreas & Paula Malleck RMOC T DNF
Peter Faber & Eric Wood -- T DNF
Yellow Course
Susan Simmons -- T 1:02:18
Renee Jones -- T 1:02:51
Beth, Jack, Jared & Ernie -- T 1:10:01
Aaron Bandell RMOC T 1:26:03
Larry Benko -- M 1:28:05
Doug & Jane Harness -- T 1:28:55
Brad Garrison, Jillian Garrison & Elaine Filer -- T 1:38:26
Amy Pesonen & Mark Pfeil -- T 1:53:49
Colleen, Marty & Jill Smith Girl Scouts T 2:07:10
Andrea Grapek -- T DNF
White Course
Larry Benko -- M 0:42:50
Bryce Kelly RMOC M 1:13:25
Cheryl & Mandy Craig Girl Scouts T 1:16:10
Tobi Summerhayes & Noah Goughenour -- T 1:23:13
Karen Ichibo, Mark Hotchkiss, Kendall Hotchkiss,
Hayden Hotchkiss & Jessica Green
Girl Scouts T 1:24:10
Lisa Seaman, Jennifer Lynch & Cassidy Priegel Girl Scouts T 1:36:25
Karen Buchanan Girl Scouts T 1:53:36
Darrell Scofield -- M DNF

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