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Observatory (Nederland)
June 12th, 2004

Some random facts from the meet:

  • Weirdest reason to skip a control: While hanging the controls Saturday morning, I discovered that a wedding was planned for out in the woods, and that it would take place during the meet right in the middle of a control circle on four of the courses.

  • Least time between controls: James Scarborough averaged approximately two minutes between controls, on the Blue course.

  • Worst luck: Bruce Osmun somehow got a leftover clue sheet from a previous meet rather than one for the course he ran. (Biggest glitch of the meet that I'm aware of.)

  • Best tour guide: Sherry Litasi gave our Forest Service contact a tour of the Brown course.

  • Most controls picked up after the meet: 18 by Jan Ingebrigtsen. Honorable mention to Doug Berling, Brooke Mann, & Troy Bozarth.

    - Brian Moore, Course Setter

    Many thanks to the volunteers who made this meet possible:

    Course Setter:
    Brian Moore

    Mil Plant, Libby Ellis & Brooke Mann

    Start/Finish Timing:
    Jim Plant

    Beginner Instruction:
    Sherry Litasi

    Control Retrieval:
    Jan Ingebrigtsen, Troy Bozarth, Doug Berling & Brooke Mann


    Blue Course
    9.9 km, 310 m, 33 controls

    ClassLoop #1
    Loop #2
    James Scarborough M 00:21:55 00:51:51 01:13:46
    Olda Vlach M     01:31:20
    Jan Ingebrigtsen M 00:25:00 01:15:43 01:40:43
    Mark Gibbard M     01:51:37
    Jason Poole M 00:29:00 01:28:27 01:57:27
    Simon Maybury M     02:25:57
    Gordon McCurry M 00:45:08 01:42:00 02:27:08
    Ken Lotze M 00:45:19 DNF DNF
    Mike Hakanson M 00:48:20 DNF DNF

    Red Course
    6.8 km, 260 m, 20 controls

    Troy Bozarth M01:22:49
    Jonas Fast M01:23:43
    Sverre Froye, Henning Omre T 01:25:12
    Joel Swisher M 01:42:20
    Doug Berling M 01:49:55
    Dmitriy Zamoshchin M 02:12:12
    Richard Foy M 02:23:29
    Richard Matthews M 02:30:04
    Green Course
    5.7 km, 210 m, 18 controls

    George Scott M 01:29:35
    Bob Ellis M 01:34:39
    Carol Johnson F 01:48:15
    Anita Brattland F 01:52:10
    Mark Stuemky M 01:55:43
    Bob Wolf M 01:59:39
    Gary Smith M 02:01:04
    Philippe Haussy M 02:43:08
    Andy Narman, Shawna Henderson T 02:47:30
    Brown Course
    3.1 km, 70 m, 13 controls

    Sherry Litasi & Jaime Oliva T 01:05:32
    Dennis Toms M 02:31:44
    Orange Course
    4.2 km, 150 m, 9 controls

    Nancy Hobbs F 02:25:17
    Bruce Osmun M SPW
    Pete Naseth, Sarah McGregor T DNF
    Julie Geng, Robyn Patton, Bruce Hall T DNF
    Cindy Osmun F DNF
    Long White Course
    4.2 km, 125 m, 12 controls

    Joel Duenow M 00:52:15
    Bruce Hall, Julie Geng, Robyn Patton T 00:54:20
    Rex & Trina Craig T 01:20:20
    Cheryl & Mandy Craig, Rebekkah Scott T 01:23:45
    Laura Powell, Jen Meisenzahl T 01:27:58
    Sheila Schroeder F 01:34:44
    Kate & Ken Fischer T 01:42:19
    Julie Meyers group T 01:52:02
    John, Joshua & Shannon Dixon T 02:00:19
    Lars Gibbard M DNF
    Short White Course
    3.2 km, 85 m, 9 controls

    Laura Osmun F 01:01:18
    Polglaze group T UNK

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