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Bear Creek Lake Park
September 18th, 2005

Sunday was a great day for orienteering. Great weather, National Orienteering Day, the Montrose NJROTC, and a String-O course brought out about 100 orienteers. Pre-printed course maps helped the starts go quite smoothly, and all but eliminated the back-ups we've had in previous years. A large beginner turnout kept Sherry and Kathleen quite busy with instructions, and made the White and Yellow courses very popular. The Brown course was also popular. James Scarborough came out of semi-retirement to blast through the course in 27:10. Although, Jason Poole insisted (jokingly) I give James a 10 minute penalty for forgetting his control card.

A funny thing happened to one control on the Brown course. After hanging the control on Saturday, a Scout Troop, while setting off model rockets from a nearby lot, started a small brush fire that burned the control. The metal frame and punch were still there -- see the picture below -- and everyone still was able to find it and get a punch.

This is the fourth year that I've set the courses here. Given the available terrain, I think it makes more sense to set Brown or Sprint-type advanced courses, rather than try to craft Red or Green courses. That was reinforced by the popularity and feedback from the Brown course. I also think that we should stop having a Bike-O here. Several riders still got flats, despite my best efforts to design the bike course around the bigger trails. I know that the map needs some work. Now that I have the OCAD file, I will continue to add some of the changes to the map.

Thank-you for everyone who participated and/or helped with the meet. Please let us know if we left your name off the String-O or control pick-up list.

-- Adam Feerst

  • Meet Director & String-O Organizer: Sherry Litasi
  • Course Setter: Adam Feerst
  • Course Vetter: Dick Matthews
  • Registration: Rolando Luarca & Simon Mayberry
  • Beginner Instruction: Kathleen Brennan & Sherry Litasi
  • Control Pick-up: Maiya Anderson, Sverre Froyen, Bob Ellis & Simon Mayberry

    Remnants of burned control flag.
    Remnants of control #4 from the Brown course.

    Brown Course
    1.James ScarboroughM0:27:10Forgot control card. Punched map.
    2.Jason PooleM0:36:15 
    3.Sverre FroyenM0:41:55 
    4.Maiya AndersonF0:46:40 
    5.Sharon CrawfordF0:51:15 
    6.Mark BockmanM0:51:46 
    7.Dmitriy ZamoshchinM0:52:48 
    8.Eddie HaskellM0:56:45 
    9.Molly BockmanF0:57:42 
    10.Carol JohnsonF1:01:40 
    11.Bob EllisM1:13:22 
    12.Valentine SerbininaF1:15:15 
    13.Alex ZamoshchinM1:16:15 
    14.C.W. CampbellM1:37:50 
    15.Harrington & KoberleinT1:38:00 
    16.Kathleen BrennanF1:47:55 
    Orange Course
    1.Eddie HaskellM1:01:10 
    2.T. Warner & T. WiseT1:40:40 
    3.H. AndersonM1:47:12 
    4.C. Bates & T. PawlishT1:58:13 
    5.Gary & Brynne DavisT2:00:10 
    6.A. Pawlish & A. ReedT2:05:10 
    7.Mike MoranM2:39:03 
    8.Bryce EttestadM2:48:32 
    9.Bob ShifletM3:17:00 
    Yellow Course
    1.Doug Van WinkleM0:32:55 
    2.Meg WaltonF0:47:50 
    3.Bill GentM0:51:40Didn't punch control card.
    4.Alicia CuelloT0:55:50 
    5.Brian ColemanM0:56:40 
    6.Jenny AllenF0:58:25 
    7.Mike MoranM1:02:50 
    8.Ely TeamT1:07:30 
    9.Matt KostelnikM1:09:25 
    10.Kelly FernholzF1:12:00 
    11.G. Welch & J. MillerT1:16:40 
    12.Team MorganT1:19:00 
    13.Erik L. TyseM1:23:00 
    14.Greg & Allen CoulterT1:25:00 
    15.Susan AtkinsF1:33:30 
    16.Trizna TeamT1:39:50 
    -Jim & Mil PlantT0:47:00They did their own, modified Yellow.
    -Tom & Christian LopezT9:99:99DNF
    White Course
    2.Yelena & Daniel ZamoshchinT0:33:20 
    3.Stacie DultonF0:33:40 
    4.George RosenbergM0:35:30 
    5.Lisa & Cassidy SeamanT0:38:30 
    6.Tom & Christian LopezT0:42:45 
    7.Bryan, Zach, Sean & Maggie CaylorT0:43:50 
    8.Ben & Ann FetterT0:45:15 
    9.Todd ThalimerM0:48:00 
    10.Catherine BoseF0:50:50 
    11.Craig & Aidan MurrayT1:00:45 
    Bike-O Course
    1.Jason PooleM0:37:38 
    2.Molly BockmannF0:44:05 
    3.Mark BockmannM0:44:32 
    4.Maiya AndersonF0:59:45 
    5.Deborah DoyleF1:03:25 
    6.Rolando LuarcaM1:04:10 
    String-O Course
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