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Black Forest Regional Park
September 17th, 2005

We had fantastic weather and a great turnout at the Black Forest meet for National Orienteering Day. There were more than 80 runners, mostly on the beginner and intermediate courses. In addition to "the regulars", meet participants included a few Scout groups and several Montrose High School NJROTC students. Brunton and MapTech supplied prizes for participants: compasses, a hat, and mapping software.

  • Course Setters: Troy Bozarth (Red, Green & Orange) and Brooke Mann (Yellow & White)
  • Meet Director: Brooke Mann
  • Registration: Marie Nicholson-Hutt & Daniella Heller (both from USAFA)
  • Beginner Instruction: Troy Bozarth & Kathleen Brennan
  • Starts: Mike Dieck
  • Results: Troy Bozarth, Cindi Dieck & Chelsea Sayer
  • Control Pick-up: Mike Dieck, Tim Sayer, Marie Nicholson-Hutt, Daniella Heller, Kathleen Brennan & Troy Bozarth
  • Meet Equipment: Rolando Luarca, Mike Dieck & Neal Barlow

Participants at Black Forest orienteering meet.
Participants copy their maps while Mike Dieck (center) starts a runner and Troy Bozarth (far right) gives beginner instruction.

Red Course
Neal BarlowM0:45:22 
Christoph ZurcherM0:47:40 
Mark HendricksonM0:55:40 
Maiya AndersonF0:58:50 
Andy NaumanM1:08:53 
Mike Dieck & Tim SayerT1:37:00 
B. Brooke MannF1:41:15 
Rolando & MegT1:50:40 
Alex Thomas & Doug KingT1:56:35 
Art BreymaierM2:03:20 
Green Course
Bill Cheatum (GAOC)M0:51:05 
Dmitriy ZamoshchinM0:54:40 
Anton YakubM1:12:02 
Tom, Tim & CindyT1:59:05 
Kathleen BrennanF1:59:20 
Alex ZamoshchinM2:03:10 
Besmer - Viking PatrolT2:09:30 
Richard Jessop - Troop 149M2:19:20 
Orange Course
Andy OsaniM1:08:24 
Team TurnerT1:18:40 
John & Justin Palaka (Team JP)T1:19:20 
Tim SayerM1:41:22 
Holly JessopF1:45:48 
Terry, Paula & Andrea MalleckT1:54:53 
Michael JessopM2:02:05 
Thomas JessopM2:14:58 
Ray & Barbara KujawskiT1:25:00MSP #7. Horse-O.
Ryan, Brett, Sean & KenT1:37:40MSP #4.
Barbara SamuelF2:30:20DNF
Cody BatesM2:46:16MSP #3, #7 & #8.
Todd WarnerM2:49:20MSP #2, #3, #6, #7 & #8.
Timothy WiseM2:58:16MSP #2, #3 & #8.
Yellow Course
Thomas JessopM0:30:00 
Harvey AndersonM0:35:30 
Michael JessopM0:36:45 
Thomas PawlishM0:38:50 
Jill Berninger, Matt & Josh S.T0:40:10 
Marie & DaniellaT0:41:55 
Cindi Dieck & Chelsea SayerT0:44:10 
Lori WelshF0:46:54 
Rhonda Bell & Jeremy SmithT0:53:50 
Todd & AbigailT0:54:40 
Todd YoungM0:55:57 
Lance, Debra & Eric HaverkampT0:57:10 
Chris Grove & Martha RsazaT0:59:05 
Jamie & Elizabeth SanteeT1:02:25 
Jessica Miller & Allie PawlishT1:06:04 
Derrick FamilyT1:08:05 
Gloria Welch & Amanda ReedT1:08:35 
Steve Gardner, Joe Justice & Josh ConnerT1:47:20 
White Course
Jim TurnerM0:18:50 
Dan & Aimee SanteeT0:30:42 
Yelena & Daniel ZamoshchinT0:37:12 
Jonathan Johnson & Zach GumperT0:52:44 
Brad Besmer - Scouts Viking Patrol 1T1:00:53 


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