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October 1st, 2005

As advertised (whew), we had perfect weather for this well attended meet. The sun shone, the wind was gentle, the aspens were bright yellow. The courses were on the long side, and again, as advertised, they were technical.

I apologize for a mix-up on the Red course for there only being a ribbon and no flag at control #9 (flag #56). This caused some competitors to lose up to ten minutes of time. Some saw the number 56 on the ribbon and others didn't. So please learn a couple of things from this experience: 1) The meet personnel try hard but can make errors. 2) If you feel you are most likely correct, and especially if there is a vetting ribbon, go on, you will be pardoned. (For example, a problem that wasn't the meet director's fault happened at Bear Creek Lake Park on 9/18/05, where control #4 on the long course was burned by a grass fire. See the photo on the web page. Again, evidence was there that perhaps you should quit looking and continue.)

We had a total of 77 starts and 112 competitors. When asked by the meet director, everyone was polite and exclaimed with great gusto that they had a lot of fun. It was also obvious that the String-O course for young orienteerers was fun and highly contested, with some running it a second time alone (not shadowed by a parent) and backwards. I also had one control card of a Yellow competitor decorated with a sticker from the String-O course.

Another lesson: get out and practice, come to more meets. The fastest time of the day was on Yellow, but he went 3.7 kilometers. The second fastest time of the day was the winning time on Red. James Scarborough was only 2-1/2 minutes slower but RAN 6.8 hilly kilometers, not on trails. With good training (and some better than average genes) we can all do better.

Also, most hearty thanks to Sherry Litasi, Libby Ellis, Lisa Seaman, Simon Maybury, Bill Cheatum, and Bill (?) who all pitched in to make the administration of this meet run very smoothly.

Thanks to all who showed up, we all had a banner day.

-- Bob Ellis, Meet Director & Course Setter


Bike-O (7.0 km / 15 controls)
1.Gordon McCurryM1:26:45 
2.Nick PatzerM1:30:50 
3.Dan McGregorM1:33:13 
4.Mark HendricksonM1:38:07 
5.Deborah Doyle & Steve CohnT1:49:41 
6.Greg GallegosM2:19:23 
7.Jason PooleMDNFFlat tire.
Red (6.8 km / 17 controls)
1.James ScarboroughM0:51:16 
2.Mark GibbardM1:06:21 
3.Jason PooleM1:16:16 
4.Troy BozarthM1:17:35 
5.Gordon McCurryM1:35:30 
6.Orlyn SkrienM1:36:35 
7.Michael RoundsM1:50:11 
8.Simon MayburyM1:52:06 
9.Anton YakubM1:54:42 
10.Eddie HaskellM1:55:35 
11.B. Brooke MannF2:00:14 
12.Mike DieckM2:08:23 
13.Andy NaumanM2:19:48 
14.John SpencerM2:47:45 
15.Bill CampbellMDNF 
Green (5.1 km / 14 controls)
1.George ScottM1:02:04 
2.Bill CheatumM1:03:53 
3.Mark BaldwinM1:24:42 
4.Anita BrattlandF1:34:06 
5.Scott JacobsonM1:47:10 
6.Chris Blackmon & Dougald MacDonaldT1:55:24 
7.Edmund MacDonnagh & John WilsonT2:42:50 
8.Tim & Chris DanaheyTDNF 
9.Nuclear BananasTDNF 
Orange (4.5 km / 10 controls)
1.Mike JohnstonM1:31:40 
2.Nancy HobbsF1:32:45 
3.Tony CochraneM1:34:20 
4.Brad CulpM1:39:08 
5.Bob AnnearM1:45:32 
6.Brett Yoho & Ryan RayfieldT1:47:06 
7.Alex Finley & Robert BrabesT1:59:34 
8.Allen Team (3)T2:00:20 
9.Valentina SerbininiF2:04:56 
10.Eric SeeligM2:23:40 
11.Aaron Leah & Martin FaezelT2:31:23 
12.Josh Davis & Chas OsbornT2:41:27 
13.John & Justin PalakaT2:49:00 
14.McGregor & MasethTDNF 
15.Van WinkleTDNF 
Yellow (3.7 km / 7 controls)
1.Chris ArmijoM0:48:37 
2.Lisa SeamanF1:08:07 
3.Danyell Borman & Steve JohnsonT1:31:03 
4.Terri LeiserF1:43:12 
5.Erik TyseT1:44:45 
6.Prehmus Team (4)T1:46:02 
7.Leka Team (4)T1:58:54 
8.Brian Spann & Theresa SchullerT2:01:02 
9.Melissa Schrader & Mike WagnerT2:04:01 
10.Tom & Arlene KufchozkT2:33:00 
11.Russ Beam & Nick BaumgartT2:34:37 
12.Tye CheatumM2:55:15 
13.Timoth Knight & Nathan ScottT2:55:21 
14.Catherine Croft & Mac BennettsT2:57:21 
15.Devito, Kregstein & EasterT2:59:16 
16.Joshua Caldwell & Catherine MillardT3:27:54 
17.Lee/Clair Team (4)TDNF 
18.Becky & Logan BockTDNF 
White (2.4 km / 7 controls)
1.Bryce KellyM1:06:30 
2.Christian & Tom LopezT1:15:02 
3.Danielle HeckmeckF1:24:15 
4.Brattland Group (5)T1:30:06 
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· Toby Leka · Lars Gibbard · Eliot Greenhalgh · Evan Gibbard · Robie Annear

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