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Night-O & Standard Orienteering Meet, July 27-28 at Buena Vista
Saturday, July 27th, 2019 - Sunday, July 28th, 2019

Course Setter: Craig Murray
Course Vetter: N / A
E-Punch Coordinators: Doug Berling, Jeremy Mollison, Craig Murray & Mark Stuemky
Meet Equipment: Craig Murray

Attention! Pre-Registration Deadline: 10:00 pm MDT on Thursday, July 25th, 2019

[List of Registered Runners]

  • Pre-Registration: Pre-registration is required for this meet. Use the form at the bottom of this page. (Note: Large groups have a special pre-registration process; send an email to the webmaster for details.)

    NEW! New for RMOC Members: Expedite meet check-in with a year-long waiver. [Details]

  • Volunteers: Please add your name to the Volunteer Sign-up Sheet HERE if you can help before or after you complete your course. We need the usual roles to be filled on both Saturday & Sunday: Set-up, Registration, Beginner Instruction, Starts, E-Punch Crew, and Control Pick-up, as well as Water & Snacks.

  • Schedule:

    Saturday, July 27th -- Night-O:

    7:30 pm to 8:30 pmRegistration.
    8:45 pm to 9:30 pmInterval starts will begin at 8:45 pm (or, as soon as it gets dark).
    11:30 pmThe courses will close at 11:30 pm. You MUST return to the Finish and download no later than 11:30 pm, even if you haven't finished your course.

    Sunday, July 28th -- Standard Orienteering Meet:

    9:30 am to 11:00 amRegistration and starts. (You can register and start at any time during this window. Start early if you want to try multiple courses, or if you expect to take a long time on your course.)
    9:45 amBasic Beginner Instruction will be offered at 9:45 am in the vicinity of the Registration table.
    1:00 pmAll courses close at 1:00 pm. (We'll start picking up controls at 1:00 pm. Out of consideration for the meet volunteers, please check in and download at the Finish no later than 1:00 pm even if you haven't completed your course.)

  • Beginner Instruction:

    Saturday, July 27th -- Night-O:

    • The Night-O is appropriate for Intermediate and Advanced orienteers only. Beginner Instruction will not be available on Saturday night.

    Sunday, July 28th -- Standard Orienteering Meet:

    • Beginners are very welcome to attend the standard orienteering meet on Sunday. Beginner Instruction will take place at 9:45 am in the vicinity of the Registration table.

  • Courses:

    All maps will be 1:10,000 scale.

    Saturday, July 27th -- Night-O:

    • The Night-O will have two course options. Course details (updated 7/21/2019):

      • Short (Intermediate) -- 2.7 km, 90 m climb

      • Long (Advanced) -- 4.8 km, 180 m climb

      Both of the Night-O courses will be standard point-to-point courses (you must visit the controls in the order shown on the map), with interval starts.

    • The Night-O courses are suitable for Intermediate and Advanced orienteers only. You may participate in the Night-O as an Individual or as a Team.

    Attention. Remember to carry a safety whistle and a back-up light source for the Night-O (batteries, spare flashlight, spare headlamp, etc.). Also, be prepared for cold weather.

    Sunday, July 28th -- Standard Orienteering Meet:

    • Sunday's courses will have a standard point-to-point format (find all controls in the order shown on the map), with interval starts.

    • There will be Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced course options on Sunday -- Yellow, Orange, Green, and Red. (You can find an explanation of the orienteering course color scheme at our FAQs page.)

    • The Beginner course (Yellow) will be suitable for beginners of all ages -- kids, adults, families, etc.

    • You can complete any of the courses as an Individual or as a Team. (Teams of just two or three work better than large teams.)

    • You are free to try multiple courses (for an extra $5 per course), as long as you finish by the course closure time (1:00 pm).

    • Course Details (updated 7/21/2019):

      Length Course Length (km) Climb (m)
      Beginner Short Yellow 2.0 85
      Intermediate Medium Orange 3.8 120
      Advanced Medium Green 4.3 180
      Long Red 6.5 300

  • Event Fees: Our standard meet fees will apply each day. Please refer to the table below.

    - We accept cash and checks payable to "RMOC".

    - School groups can use our "Request for Invoice" form to be billed after the meet.

    Status Age Course Type RMOC Meet
    RMOC Member All Ages All Courses $11.00
    Non-Member Junior (under 21) All Courses $11.00
    Adult (21 and over) Beginner (White & Yellow) $11.00
    Intermediate & Advanced $15.00
    E-Punch Discount (if you have your own -- where to buy) – $3.00
    Extra Maps (for teams) $3.00
    Extra Courses (same person doing multiple courses on the same day) $5.00
    Compass Rental (collateral required -- car keys, driver's license, etc.) $1.00
    Safety Whistle Purchase $1.00

    Note: Teams only pay one registration fee per team (plus the cost of any extra maps they want; one map is included in the team registration fee).

  • Lodging & Eating:

    Most participants will camp (for FREE) at our Start / Finish area. We'll have a porta-potty but there's no running water or other campground amenities.

    Formal Campgrounds:

    • There's a KOA campground at the junction of Highway 24 and Highway 285 in Buena Vista. [Link]

    • There are several campgrounds north and south of Buena Vista in the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. 'Railroad Bridge' and 'Ruby Mountain' appear to be the closest. [Link] [Map]

    • There are some campgrounds in the San Isabel National Forest near the towns of Buena Vista, Nathrop, and Salida. [Link]

    Motels: There are motels available in the towns of Buena Vista and Salida. Buena Vista is closer to our event site, but Salida has more restaurants and a nicer downtown area.

    Dispersed Camping: You can camp for free anywhere in the vicinity of Buena Vista in the Pike / San Isabel National Forest, although toilets and other amenities aren't available.

    Restaurants: Buena Vista has several excellent restaurants for lunch/dinner on Friday or Saturday, including House Rock Kitchen (sandwiches, burritos, hamburgers, soups, and bowls), the Asian Palate (sushi and Asian fusion), Simple Eatery (located in the Trailhead outdoor shop serving pasta, soup, salad, and sandwiches), and the Eddyline Brewery (pizza, salad, and sandwiches). We are up to five or six food trailers, as well. For the steak and potato crowd, there is Quincy's and the new Pa Pa Billy's BBQ Restaurant (where the Branding Iron used to be). -- Amy Varble, BV Resident

  • Local Weather Forecast: Weather Underground
  • Driving Directions:
    • Starting from Johnson Village (south of Buena Vista): Go east on Highway 24 / 285 for 5.4 miles to County Road 315. Turn left (north) onto 315. (CR 315 is really hard to see from that direction even though there is a sign just before the intersection. It comes up quick just after a sharp curve.) Continue on CR 315 for about 3 miles to the parking area. Go right at the one junction which is just before the parking area. Parking is on the left. (Allow about 30 minutes drive time from Buena Vista.)

    • Starting from Hartsel / Lake George: Go west on Highway 24 to the junction with Highway 285. Continue on Highway 285 for approximately eight miles, to County Road 305. Turn right (north) onto CR 305. Continue on Road 305; at the top of the hill just after a hairpin turn, turn left onto Lenhardy Cutoff and then left again onto CR 315. Parking is on the right. (Allow at least an hour to get from Lake George to the parking area.)

    Updates from Meet Director, 7/19/2018: Our start / finish area can be accessed via Road 305 (the more easterly choice) or Road 315. Road 315 is basically an arroyo that has run several times this season and is not recommended for sedans / low-clearance cars due to exposed rock and soft sand. If you have a choice between bringing your Mini or your SUV this weekend, the SUV is probably the better choice, even for 305. Sedans will not have any trouble, but low-clearance cars could struggle a little. Both routes can be impacted by flash floods.

    [Google Map]

Pre-Registration Form

Online pre-registration has closed, but you can still participate. Please register when you arrive at the meet. You may have to draw your course on a blank map.

[List of Registered Runners]

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