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Night-O & Standard Orienteering Meet, August 17-18 (PERMIT PENDING) at Frisco Peninsula (Frisco)
Saturday, August 17th, 2019 - Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Meet Director: Volunteer Needed
Course Setter: Sharon Crawford
Course Vetter: N / A
E-Punch Coordinator: Volunteer Needed

Attention! Pre-Registration Deadline: 11:00 pm MDT on Thursday, August 15th, 2019

[List of Registered Runners]

  • Pre-Registration: Pre-registration is required for this meet. Use the form at the bottom of this page. (Note: Large groups have a special pre-registration process; send an email to the webmaster for details.)

    NEW! New for RMOC Members: Expedite meet check-in with a year-long waiver. [Details]

  • Volunteers: We'll need the usual roles to be filled -- Set-up, Registration, Beginner Instruction, Starts, E-Punch Crew, and Control Pick-up -- as well as Snacks & Water (reimbursable).

  • Schedule:

    Saturday, August 17th -- Night-O:

    7:30 pm to 8:30 pmRegistration.
    8:45 pm to 9:30 pmInterval starts will begin at 8:45 pm (or, as soon as it gets dark).
    11:30 pmThe courses will close at 11:30 pm. You MUST return to the Finish and download no later than 11:30 pm, even if you haven't finished your course.

    Sunday, August 18th -- Standard Orienteering Meet:

    9:30 am to 11:00 amRegistration and starts. (You can register and start at any time during this window. Start early if you want to try multiple courses, or if you expect to take a long time on your course.)
    9:45 amBasic Beginner Instruction will be offered at 9:45 am in the vicinity of the Registration table.
    1:00 pmAll courses close at 1:00 pm. (We'll start picking up controls at 1:00 pm. Out of consideration for the meet volunteers, please check in and download at the Finish no later than 1:00 pm even if you haven't completed your course.)

  • Beginner Instruction:

    Saturday, August 18th -- Night-O:

    • The Night-O is appropriate for Intermediate and Advanced orienteers only. Beginner Instruction will not be available on Saturday night.

    Sunday, August 18th -- Standard Orienteering Meet:

    • Beginners are very welcome to attend the standard orienteering meet on Sunday. Beginner Instruction will take place at 9:45 am in the vicinity of the Registration table.

  • Courses:

    All maps will be 1:10,000 scale.

    Saturday, August 17th -- Night-O:

    • The Night-O will have two course options. Preliminary course details:

      • Short (Intermediate) -- 3.7 km, 80 m climb

      • Long (Advanced) -- 6.7 km, 155 m climb

      Both of the Night-O courses will be standard point-to-point courses (you must visit the controls in the order shown on the map), with interval starts.

    • The Night-O courses are suitable for Intermediate and Advanced orienteers only. You may participate in the Night-O as an Individual or as a Team.

    Attention. Remember to carry a safety whistle and a back-up light source for the Night-O (batteries, spare flashlight, spare headlamp, etc.). Also, be prepared for cold weather.

    Sunday, August 18th -- Standard Orienteering Meet:

    • Sunday's courses will have a standard point-to-point format (find all controls in the order shown on the map), with interval starts.

    • There will be Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced course options on Sunday -- Yellow, Orange, Green, and Red. (You can find an explanation of the orienteering course color scheme at our FAQs page.)

    • The Beginner course (Yellow) will be suitable for beginners of all ages -- kids, adults, families, etc.

    • You can complete any of the courses as an Individual or as a Team. (Teams of just two or three work better than large teams.)

    • You are free to try multiple courses (for an extra $5 per course), as long as you finish by the course closure time (1:00 pm).

    • Preliminary Course Details:

      Length Course Length (km) Climb (m)
      Beginner Short Yellow 2.2 85
      Intermediate Medium Orange 4.2 135
      Advanced Medium Green 4.9 185
      Long Red 7.3 345

  • Event Fees: Our standard meet fees will apply each day. Please refer to the table below.

    - We accept cash and checks payable to "RMOC".

    - School groups can use our "Request for Invoice" form to be billed after the meet.

    Status Age Course Type RMOC Meet
    RMOC Member All Ages All Courses $11.00
    Non-Member Junior (under 21) All Courses $11.00
    Adult (21 and over) Beginner (White & Yellow) $11.00
    Intermediate & Advanced $15.00
    E-Punch Discount (if you have your own -- where to buy) – $3.00
    Extra Maps (for teams) $3.00
    Extra Courses (same person doing multiple courses on the same day) $5.00
    Compass Rental (collateral required -- car keys, driver's license, etc.) $1.00
    Safety Whistle Purchase $1.00

    Note: Teams only pay one registration fee per team (plus the cost of any extra maps they want; one map is included in the team registration fee).

  • Local Weather Forecast: NOAA.gov
  • Driving Directions: Take I-70 to Exit 203. Follow Route 9 south towards Breckenridge for two miles. Watch for signs to turn left into the Frisco Nordic Center.

    [Google Map]

Pre-Registration Form

· The online pre-registration deadline for this meet is: 11:00 pm MDT on Thursday, August 15th, 2019.
· After you submit the registration form, use the "List of Registered Runners" link (below) to double-check your registration status.
· If you need to make a change to your registration information, send an email to the webmaster.
· Teams who will be doing a course together only need to submit the entry form one time for the team. If you need to register additional family members or friends who will be doing the course separately, enter them separately.

LAST Name or Team Name (required):

First Name:

Email Address (required):

Course Map Quantity
· SAT Night-O Short (Intermediate)
· SAT Night-O Long (Advanced)
· SUN Yellow (Beginner)
· SUN Orange (Intermediate)
· SUN Green (Medium-Distance Advanced)
· SUN Red (Long-Distance Advanced)

[List of Registered Runners]

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