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Night-O & Standard Orienteering Meet, August 17-18 at Frisco Peninsula (Frisco)
Saturday, August 17th, 2019 - Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Course Setters: Sharon Crawford & Yves Nager
Course Vetter: Doug Berling
E-Punch Coordinator: Mark Stuemky
Meet Equipment: Volunteer Needed

Attention! Pre-Registration Deadline: 10:00 pm MDT on Thursday, August 15th, 2019

[List of Registered Runners]

  • New Map: This event will take place on a NEW map created by Yves Nager. NEW!

  • Pre-Registration: Pre-registration is required for this meet. Use the form at the bottom of this page. (Note: Large groups have a special pre-registration process; send an email to the webmaster for details.)

    NEW! New for RMOC Members: Expedite meet check-in with a year-long waiver. [Details]

  • Volunteers: Please add your name to the Volunteer Sign-up Sheet HERE if you can help before or after you complete your course. We need the usual roles to be filled on both Saturday & Sunday: Set-up, Registration, Beginner Instruction, Starts, E-Punch Crew, and Control Pick-up.

  • Schedule:

    Saturday, August 17th -- Night-O:

    7:30 pm to 8:30 pmRegistration.
    8:45 pm to 9:30 pmInterval starts will begin at 8:45 pm (or, as soon as it gets dark).
    11:30 pmThe courses will close at 11:30 pm. You MUST return to the Finish and download no later than 11:30 pm, even if you haven't finished your course.

    Sunday, August 18th -- Standard Orienteering Meet:

    9:30 am to 11:00 amRegistration and starts. (You can register and start at any time during this window. Start early if you want to try multiple courses, or if you expect to take a long time on your course.)
    9:45 amBasic Beginner Instruction will be offered at 9:45 am in the vicinity of the Registration table.
    1:00 pmAll courses close at 1:00 pm. (We'll start picking up controls at 1:00 pm. Out of consideration for the meet volunteers, please check in and download at the Finish no later than 1:00 pm even if you haven't completed your course.)

  • Beginner Instruction:

    Saturday, August 18th -- Night-O:

    • The Night-O is appropriate for Intermediate and Advanced orienteers only. Beginner Instruction will not be available on Saturday night.

    Sunday, August 18th -- Standard Orienteering Meet:

    • Beginners are very welcome to attend the standard orienteering meet on Sunday. Beginner Instruction will take place at 9:45 am in the vicinity of the Registration table.

  • Courses:

    All maps will be 1:10,000 scale.

    Saturday, August 17th -- Night-O:

    • The Night-O will have two course options. Preliminary course details:

      • Short (Intermediate) -- 3.5 km, 30 m climb, 10 controls

      • Long (Advanced) -- 4.8 km, 120 m climb, 14 controls

      Both of the Night-O courses will be standard point-to-point courses (you must visit the controls in the order shown on the map), with interval starts.

    • The Night-O courses are suitable for Intermediate and Advanced orienteers only. You may participate in the Night-O as an Individual or as a Team.

    Attention. Remember to carry a safety whistle and a back-up light source for the Night-O (batteries, spare flashlight, spare headlamp, etc.). Also, be prepared for cold weather.

    Sunday, August 18th -- Standard Orienteering Meet:

    • Sunday's courses will have a standard point-to-point format (find all controls in the order shown on the map), with interval starts.

    • There will be Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced course options on Sunday -- White, Yellow, Orange, Green, and Red. (You can find an explanation of the orienteering course color scheme at our FAQs page.)

    • The Beginner courses (White & Yellow) will be suitable for beginners of all ages -- kids, adults, families, etc.

    • You can complete any of the courses as an Individual or as a Team. (Teams of just two or three work better than large teams.)

    • You are free to try multiple courses (for an extra $5 per course), as long as you finish by the course closure time (1:00 pm).

    • Final Course Details as of 8/16/2019:

      Length Course Length (km) Climb (m) # of
      Beginner Short White 2.9 20 8
      Short Yellow 2.9 30 9
      Intermediate Medium Orange 4.6 110 12
      Advanced Medium Green 4.8 140 13
      Long Red 6.2 180 13

  • Event Fees: Our standard meet fees will apply each day. Please refer to the table below.

    - We accept cash and checks payable to "RMOC".

    - School groups can use our "Request for Invoice" form to be billed after the meet.

    Status Age Course Type RMOC Meet
    RMOC Member All Ages All Courses $11.00
    Non-Member Junior (under 21) All Courses $11.00
    Adult (21 and over) Beginner (White & Yellow) $11.00
    Intermediate & Advanced $15.00
    E-Punch Discount (if you have your own -- where to buy) – $3.00
    Extra Maps (for teams) $3.00
    Extra Courses (same person doing multiple courses on the same day) $5.00
    Compass Rental (collateral required -- car keys, driver's license, etc.) $1.00
    Safety Whistle Purchase $1.00

    Note: Teams only pay one registration fee per team (plus the cost of any extra maps they want; one map is included in the team registration fee).

  • Local Weather Forecast: WeatherUnderground.com
  • Driving Directions: Take I-70 to Exit 203. Follow Highway 9 south through Frisco towards Breckenridge for two+ miles. Watch for signs to turn left into the Frisco Nordic Center / Frisco Adventure Park.

    [Google Map]

Pre-Registration Form

Online pre-registration has closed, but you can still participate. Please register when you arrive at the meet. You may have to draw your course on a blank map.

[List of Registered Runners]

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