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☀ Ongoing UsynligO Training Course at Manitou Park (Woodland Park)
Friday, January 1st, 2021 - Friday, December 31st, 2021

Course Setter: Jim Baker
Course Vetter: N / A
E-Punch Coordinator: N / A
Meet Equipment: N / A

  • General Information: THANK YOU to Jim Baker for creating a control picking (short advanced) training course at RMOC's Manitou Park map.

    The course is loaded in the UsynligO app. UsynligO ('InvisibleO' in Norwegian) is a GPS-based smartphone app that makes orienteering courses available without flags to mark the control points. The app vibrates and makes a sound when you have found the control point location. Beginners can ask the app for hints (direction and distance).

    * Download the app HERE.
    * Read the app configuration requirements HERE.
    * Launch the app and tap "UsynligO Events" to search for Manitou Park.
    * Tip from Attackpoint: set the punching radius to 25m and the minimum accuracy to 100m.

    Attention! You must load the course into the app while you still have cell service, even if you're using a printed paper map. Once you start the course, the app only requires GPS (not cell service) to track your location.

    * Please complete RMOC's 2021 online waiver before starting the course.
    * Please abide by all state & local guidelines related to COVID-19.
    * If you want a paper map, find it using your browser HERE or use the UsynligO app to download and print (tap map name, "Tap Here for the Map", and then tap the share icon to send the PDF file to your email or printer).

  • Course Notes from Jim Baker: As of mid-June 2020, Painted Rocks campground, Colorado campground, and South Meadows campground were open.

    Do take public health directives to heart. I'm one of the SAR folk who'll have to rescue you. ;-) Carry a mask in case you need to approach people, or be rescued. We have proper Personal Protective Equipment, but it's limited, so maximally reducing the odds of it being contaminated (in case we need to clean and reuse), or of us getting and transmitting something to other people we rescue or live with, helps. Do the course alone or with household members; don't approach anyone who may happen to show up the same time (at least six feet); etc. These guidance links give more complete info: [Colorado DNR Outdoor Recreation Guidelines] [FAQs]

  • Local Weather Forecast: Weather Underground
  • Driving Directions: From I-25 in Colorado Springs, go west on Highway 24 for 18 miles to Woodland Park. Turn north onto Highway 67 and continue for five miles. Turn right onto Road 338, at the sign for Pike Community Camoground (across from South Meadows Family Campground). Proceed up the dirt road and park at the large pullout near the start. Do not park more than one car length away from the dirt road, and do not park in the community campground area. [Google Map]

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