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Advanced Practice Courses, July 2-3-4 at Happy Jack Area (Laramie, WY)
Saturday, July 2nd, 2022 - Monday, July 4th, 2022

Course Setter: Mikell Platt
Course Vetter: N / A
E-Punch Coordinator: N / A
Meet Equipment: N / A

Attention! Pre-Registration Deadline: 10:00 pm MDT on Thursday, June 30th, 2022

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  • Event Details: We are planning three advanced orienteering practice courses near Laramie, WY (~two hours north of Boulder / Denver), in the Medicine Bow National Forest, over Independence Day weekend.

    • Eligibility: All participants must be members in good standing of an OUSA-recognized orienteering club (e.g. RMOC).

    • Difficulty: The weekend's events will consist of three practice courses for advanced-level orienteers (anyone able to complete a Brown, Green, Red, or Blue course).

    • Logistics: This will be very high quality training; and there will be no timing, results, or instruction of any sort.

    • Pre-Registration: Pre-registration is required by 10:00 pm MDT on Thursday, June 30th. Use the form at the bottom of this page.

    • Water: There will not be any water on any of the courses, or at the start / finish; please bring your own water bottle or hydration pack, and your own snacks.

    • Toilets: There will not be porta-potties or pit toilets at any of our practice course locations. Use the bathrooms at the Visitor Center when you exit I-80.

      Saturday, July 2 Sunday, July 3 Monday, July 4
    Map & Scale: West Pelican
    Remarkable Flats
    Granite Planite
    Course Details: Advanced – Red (with shortcut options) – marked with streamers
    7.1 km, 21 controls 9.6 km, 27 controls 7.6 km, 22 controls
    Check in: 9:00 - 9:30 am MDT 9:00 - 9:30 am MDT 9:00 - 9:30 am MDT
    Mass Start: 9:30 am MDT * 9:30 am MDT * 9:30 am MDT *
    Courses Close: 12:00 pm MDT 12:00 pm MDT 12:00 pm MDT
    Map Cases: Map cases will be available

    * Those who don't want to mass start can go out anytime they like; please return no later than 12:00 pm. If you arrive later than 9:30 am, look for maps on the windshield or tailgate of Mikell's white pickup truck.

    Please contact Mikell if you can help with control setting or control pickup on any of the three days.

  • Entry Fee: There is no charge to participate. Donations to LROC to help with map costs are welcome.

  • Waivers:

    • All participants are required to sign an online LROC waiver HERE, even if you have already signed the RMOC annual waiver (RMOC's annual waiver does not mention or cover LROC).

    • If you're attending as part of a group, every participant in the group needs their own signed waiver.

  • Travel: Please refer to our 2018 event page for detailed information about hotels, camping, and activities in Laramie.

  • Course Notes:

    • Saturday, July 2 -- Twin Boulders: Having submitted this course for expert review in Switzerland, the review panel returned the following comment: "This is absolutely the best orienteering course we have ever seen anywhere, for all time, and maybe even one of the top 100 courses we have seen set at Pelican Bay this year -- congratulations." With those remarks noted, when I went out to set the course (today, June 16), I was surprised by how pleasant it was.

      Runners will experience a variety of Forest Service forest treatments: mastication, chain saw(ation), carbonization, and movable cow nation. The movable cows proved to be difficult to accurately map and so have been left off the map, but in reality they are probably still out there and ready and willing to engage in a good spirited stampede or two. As far as I know, in the entire history of orienteering in the US -- and certainly in the entire history of orienteering at Pelican Bay -- not once ever has a fodder rack been used for a control. But on July 2, 2022, that will all change, when this race -- ummm, training -- arrives at the ultimate control for the day, which will be a fodder rack. Okay, it's not really a fodder rack, it's just a dead tree, but for the purposes of this particular course, it's a fodder rack, and it will be incredibly exciting!!!

      All the water features are already amazingly dry and are likely to get even drier (if that's possible) unless Noah-like rains arrive soon. Some of the controls are easier, and some are harder, just like they are in real life. Large portions of the map have been affected by the aforenamed forestry work, resulting in an even sparser forest than was already the case. It's hard to be sure what the goal of the work was, but it was probably conducted in the hopes it might encourage additional colonization of the landscape by the various cheat grasses. There are of course many wind-felled trees, but nowhere were they difficult to get through, at least not the way I ran. And hence my suggestion: take the same routes I did -- ha!

      Two controls are quite near a closed off stretch of Forest Service double track, and for all the good it will do (none whatsoever), I will anyway extend my thoughts and prayers that nobody will take our controls while everyone is running.

    • Sunday, July 3 -- Remarkable Flats: It really takes some talent and extra effort to devise dull and lifeless courses at a place as special as Remarkable Flats, and, feeling lazy, I did not even bother to try. As a result, today's course will be so much fun it may be more than some people are able to handle, and they will probably need to take a pre-race sedative so as to avoid coming totally apart by all the wildflowers and exceptional control placements. This course has it all: deep ravines (well, one of them), a mix of harder controls and easy controls (we believe that every advanced runner will be able to find at least two of the 27 controls making up the course), butterflies, diamonds, a visit to the interiors of Green Globs, areas of incineration, huge rock objects, and the world's biggest saddle ever used on an orienteering course -- we are in the Cowboy State, after all!

      This will be the longest day in terms of kilometers (but maybe not time), and it will be mostly open and out in the sun -- if the sun is out. It could be warm. But if you drink up and start out well hydrated, you'll be fine if you're usually fine without water, and for others a camelback might be the choice. And in the worst case there are many options to cut the course short, and at no point will you be further than 2 kms from the Finish, with only fast and friendly meadows separating you from the Finish.

    • Monday, July 4 -- Granite Planite: Even though we are at Granite Planite for Day 3, that does not preclude the possibility of wandering off of the map onto adjoining maps for a control or two. And so participants should be keenly aware that while the course will *start* on Granite Planite, that does not mean it will end up there, or even spend much time at Granite Planite. All runners will get a chance to run through The Notch, though note that nowhere will The Notch be noted on The Map. Runners will also get an unusual chance to wash off or even go for a brief swim somewhere out on the course, or at least that was the plan. However, even the best laid plans sometimes founder, and, unfortunately, mother nature has not been cooperative and unless we get some stupendous rains really soon, well, forget about the water part. That's a hell of a lot of commas in one sentence!!

      If at any point you get caught up in a really bad section of fallen dead pine trees, or encounter soul sucking quicksand, or come to a river filled with hungry crocs, or by chance spot a Starbucks sign off in the distance, then you are really, really lost, and you should abandon all hope. But no worries because we will make sure your car gets placed in a good home.

    -- Mikell Platt, Course Setter

  • Driving Directions: There will NOT be any directional signs, and cell service may be limited. Please print or download these directions for reference.

    Please park no more than one car length off the dirt road.

    [Overview Map] (ignore the dates!)

    • Saturday, July 2 -- West Pelican: From Laramie, drive east on I-80. Take exit 323 (Summit exit), drive north over the interstate, and bear left onto WY 210 (Happy Jack Road). Take WY 210 east towards Cheyenne for about 8.1 miles, and turn right (west) onto Forest Service Road 707A. Follow 707A about 0.4 miles to the fork and bear right, staying on 707A, and continue about another 0.4 miles until you detect a powerful parking vibe, and park in the vicinity of a small granite dot knoll (if you want to be super exactly located.)

      [Google Pin (41.204478, -105.342657)]

    • Sunday, July 3 -- Remarkable Flats: From Laramie, drive east on I-80. Take exit 323 (Summit exit), drive north over the interstate, and bear left onto WY 210 (Happy Jack Road). Take WY 210 for about 8.1 miles, and turn left (east) onto Forest Service Road 708. From here there are three options:

      1. 1) continue about 0.3 miles and park in the vicinity of the clump of aspen trees and walk to Start (1.5 kms);
      2. 2) continue around the aspen trees to the second parking area, which should be manageable for nearly all vehicles with some care, and walk to Start (1 km); or
      3. 3) drive to the last parking spot shown, by start and finish -- we don't think anyone had problems with this last year, and if you're comfortable with driving your vehicle on somewhat rougher dirt roads, you're probably okay in a regular vehicle, definitely fine in any vehicle with higher clearance, not fine if your vehicle has lower clearance, and definitely not fine if your vehicle is a low rider.

      Mikell's white truck (and maps) will be parked at the last parking spot.

      [Google Pin at Option 3 Parking Area (41.209153, -105.314067)]

      Click map to enlarge.
      Map image.

    • Monday, July 4 -- Granite Planite: From I-80 Exit 323 (the Visitor's Center exit), take WY 210 / Happy Jack Rd east toward Cheyenne for 11.1 miles. Turn right onto Forest Service Road 700, and continue on 700 for 0.8 miles to the junction with 700R. Turn left (east) onto 700R and begin parking where convenient. However, please leave some room for privacy for any of the designated camp sites that are occupied (there is one such camp site not far down 700R after you turn), and also avoid a short stretch on the north side of 700R that is marked off with Forest Service markers indicating a travel restriction.

      [Google Pin at Turnoff to Road 700R (41.185392, -105.308766)]

  • Laramie Photos:

    LROC1 2016-LROC-GrahamBaird2 20881910_1815803788444620_2199369604284190983_n

    Photos L-R by Pete Curtis, Graham Baird, and Rex Winterbottom.

  • Local Weather Forecast: Weather.com
  • Driving Directions: See driving directions above.

Pre-Registration Form

Online pre-registration has closed, but you can still participate. Please register when you arrive at the meet. You may have to draw your course on a blank map.

[List of Registered Runners]

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