Night-O & Standard Orienteering Meet (July 26 & 27) at Frisco Peninsula
Saturday, July 26th, 2008 -- Frisco

We lucked out on the weather this year. When Brendan and I put out the controls on Friday, there was a seriously strong thunderstorm over Breckenridge. Rain dumped for 45 minutes! But on the peninsula we were safe, with only a few drips and a little wind which helped to blow a way a few mosquitos, although, I can't remember when I've seen so many in the woods since living in Minnesota!

Plamen spent part of the 4th of July weekend field checking and updating the map to show the vegetation changes. It's a work in progress with so much yellow on the map. People commented that things looked so different that they actually made a few mistakes, assuming that "open" meant "easy".

Adventure race activities started at midnight Friday night with the 24-hour race. By 10:00 am, the 12-hour racers were on the O course and A/R sprint racers were out on the Bike-O. I'm happy to report that the A/R teams are learning O skills and have improved a lot since last year. It was a bit chilly for those of us in the tents but great for racers who braved clouds and scattered showers. By the time the Night-O started, the skies had cleared.

The fastest finish on the O course (also Night-O) was 2:38 minutes by a 24-hour team. If Neal or JP had shown up for the Night-O, they might have cleaned the course. Sharon Crawford found 25 controls with 6 minutes to spare -- a very good performance! Michael Rounds found 14 controls in one hour. We gave everyone the option of stopping at one hour or going on for two. Only Bob Ellis stayed out after curfew and was docked 30 points -- still not bad, as he seemed to have cut short his knee surgery recovery.

With all the A/R equipment gone on Sunday, we moved the tent to the west side of the Nordic Center as shade was important! We had a reasonable turnout considering the cost of gas. Personally, I was happy to get out of the Denver heat! I think people were a bit tired after being up late for the Night-O; however, it's good altitude training. I was happy to meet The Green Family (Rick, Mary, Paul & Robert) from Mississippi, who planned their vacation to include our events. Paul is someone to watch and I was very impressed with Robert, who is only 12, going out on Orange. He found them all, not giving up, even though the course was very advanced for his age. I was also happy to learn the Yelena Zamoshchina can really orienteer! I always see her on the White course with son Daniel, but she went out on Orange and did a great job!

Thanks to all of you who helped to make this a fun event!

-- Sherry Litasi, Meet Director & Course Setter

· Course Setter: Sherry Litasi
· Course Vetter: Brendan White
· Meet Director: Sherry Litasi
· Registration: Mil Plant
· Beginner Instruction: Bob Ellis, Kathleen Brennan
· Starts and Finish Timing: Brendan White
· Control Retrieval: Amy Varble, Bob Ellis, Brian Landis, Derek Varble, Dmitriy Zamoshchin, Gøril S. Jones, Kathy Landis, Paul Green, Rick Green
· OCAD Updates: Plamen Djambazov

  • Please send an email to the webmaster if your name is misspelled or missing in the results or the volunteer list.


# Name Class Time Comments
1 Gordon McCurry M 01:30:52  
2 Michael Rounds M 01:38:01  
3 Ken Lotze M 01:48:18  
4 Carol Johnson F 01:49:30  
5 Roger Truesdale M 02:04:13  
6 Pete Swenson M --:--:-- MSP #2 (2:19:09)
7 Tom Ober & Rick Callies T --:--:-- DNF

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Sharon Crawford F 01:09:15  
2 Orlyn Skrien M 01:12:12  
3 Gøril S. Jones F 01:31:10  
4 Linda Moore F 01:34:52  
5 Rick Green M 01:37:32  
6 Bob Ellis M 01:37:39  
7 Paul Green M 01:38:51  
8 Kathleen Brennan F 02:00:19  
9 Carl Moore M 02:08:02  
10 Robert Teissler Family T 02:09:32  
11 Nancy McCurry F 02:15:02  

# Name Class Time Comments
1 John Klish M 00:59:06  
2 Brian & Kathy Landis T 01:18:42  
3 Tom Ober & Rick Callies T 01:35:25  
4 Rhiannon Fadeyibi F 01:38:43  
5 Lance, Connor & Hannah Russell T 01:50:47  
6 Mary Williams F 01:50:50  
7 Jane & Dave Felknor T 02:05:50  
8 Mike & Becky Petit T 02:09:27  
9 Betty Bramhall F 02:24:00  
10 Yelena Zamoshchina F 02:36:54  
11 Robert Green M --:--:-- OVT but found them all
12 Erin Sadler F --:--:-- DNF

Night-O -- Two Hours
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Sharon Crawford F 01:54:25 250 net points
2 Brian Landis, Kathy Landis & Lori Welsh T 01:56:28 180 net points
3 Dan Nielsen M 01:58:20 180 net points
4 Amy & Derek Varble T 01:49:15 170 net points
5 Roger Truesdale M 01:59:10 170 net points
6 Claire Kalman & Carol Nugent T 01:53:14 140 net points
7 Paul Green M 01:50:01 130 net points
8 Dmitriy Zamoshchin M 01:58:25 130 net points
9 Kathleen Brennan F 01:59:55 120 net points
10 Rick & Robert Green T 01:56:52 110 net points
11 Bob Ellis M 02:06:17 110 net points

Night-O -- One Hour
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Michael Rounds M 00:59:35 140 net points

Yellow / White
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Dmitriy & Daniel Zamoshchin T 00:29:33  
2 Mike & Becky Petit T 00:34:34  
3 Maya & Bradley Rounds T 00:43:33  

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Robert Teissler M 01:01:37  
2 Gordon McCurry M 01:07:04  
3 Sharon Crawford F 01:09:27  
4 Michael Meade M 01:46:40  
5 Amy & Derek Varble T 02:12:35  
6 The Incredibles T 02:24:45  


DNF = Did not finish (one or more controls missed)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more incorrect controls)
OVT = Overtime

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