Ski-O & Snowshoe-O at Frisco Peninsula
Saturday, February 14th, 2009 -- Frisco

Many thanks to Frisco Nordic Center for the use of their excellent facilities! The immaculate grooming was a real pleasure for competitors. Thank you to owners: Gene & Therese Dayton and Manager Rob Weeks and staff!

Doug and Sharon decided to use a new format that worked out very well. There was no time limit except the 3:00 pm when courses closed. You could ski (classic or skate) or snowshoe and choose how many controls to find (8, 12, 16, or all 20).

Sverre announced that he was a newbie and it turns out that he'd never attended a Ski-O or Snowshoe-O at Frisco before! He made up for this lack of experience by placing second on the Long snowshoe course!

Congrats to John Crowther, Brendan White, and Bryan Caylor for getting all 20 controls, but Graham Baird was truly a Ski-O great with a time of 1:12:49 to get all 20! What a great performance!

We had a good turnout for Valentine's Day, great weather, and a very helpful crew including C2 (Claire and Carol), who pitched in all day then picked up controls at the end! I was grateful to have a chance to go out on the short course with my daughter and her boyfriend.

Many thanks to Sharon for multi-tasking and Doug for printing the maps!

Yours in snow,
Sherry Litasi, Meet Director

· Course Setter: Doug Berling, Sharon Crawford
· Course Vetter: N / A
· Meet Director: Sherry Litasi
· Map Printing: Doug Berling
· Registration: Carol Nugent, Claire Kalman, Sherry Litasi
· Starts and Finish Timing: Carol Nugent, Claire Kalman, Sherry Litasi
· Control Retrieval: Carol Nugent, Claire Kalman, David Stanley, Denise Snow, Marc Wurster, Mike Dieck, Sharon Crawford
· OCAD Updates: Doug Berling

  • Please send an email to the webmaster if your name is misspelled or missing in the results or the volunteer list.


Extra-Credit Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Graham Baird M 01:12:49  
2 Brendan White M 02:32:00  
3 John Crowther M 02:47:18  

Extra-Credit Snowshoe-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Bryan Caylor M 02:05:30  

Long Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Juri Peepre M 01:14:54  
2 Sarah Locke F 01:29:20  
3 Orlyn Skrien M 02:06:00  
4 Marlyn Peet M 02:20:10  
5 Marc Wurster M 03:31:15  

Long Snowshoe-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Dan Nielsen M 01:18:15  
2 Sverre Froyen M 01:29:25  
3 Anne Chapman F 01:52:00  
4 Mike Dieck & David Stanley T 02:21:00  

Medium Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Dmitriy Zamoshchin M 01:12:59  
2 Alex Zamoshcin M 01:51:57  
3 Kristin, Mats & Teo Moreau T 02:09:45  

Medium Snowshoe-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Maiya Anderson & Carney Baker T 01:20:10  
2 Marcie Aten & Mike Marquis T 01:50:01  
3 Stefan & Brenda Van der Steen T 01:50:01  
4 Tiffany Surlis & David Bayendor T 02:13:41  
5 Nick & Jessica Creadon T 02:46:45  

Short Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Phil & Nate Schweizer T 00:59:07  
2 Sherry Litasi, Martina Litasi & Heath Fontenot T 01:06:46  
3 Elizabeth Bramhall F 01:50:29  
4 Tamara Barner F 02:33:20 Found six controls.

Short Snowshoe-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Emily Crawford F 01:22:30  
2 David & Jane Felknor T 01:48:18  


DNF = Did not finish (one or more controls missed)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more incorrect controls)
OVT = Overtime

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