Orienteering Meet at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch
Sunday, May 31st, 2009 -- Elbert

Our turnout for Peaceful Valley Training on Saturday, May 30th, was awesome this year! We trained all levels from total novice to advanced / expert orienteers. We'll be doing this again next year, so please set aside the last weekend in May 2010!

I want to thank Michael Rounds and Brian Coleman who helped me train the beginners, Simon Maybury who trained the advanced beginners, Bob Ellis who trained intermediate level, and Plamen Djambazov and Neal Barlow who led groups of advanced orienteers. It's hard to train an advanced orienteer because they already know so much, but I heard good feedback about the training.

After training, people set up camp near the Lost Creek shelter. Many stayed in scout tents while some camped in their own tents or campers. We had a delicious potluck dinner in the shelter -- which was a good thing since it rained for a few hours. Brian Coleman made jambalya and apple cobbler in his dutch ovens -- a big hit! Fred Crofford grilled some steak. Others brought salads and desserts. I set up my massage table and worked on a few people. Then after dark, a few brave souls picked up controls to practice a bit of night-orienteering. Nora Lund provided bagels, cream cheese and salmon for breakfast. Great conversation with interesting people!

Thanks to Carol Johnson, Goril and Ceasar Jones, Øystein Sorensen, Thomas Nipen, Michael Rounds, Jordan Britt, Taylor Davis, and Fred Crofford who picked up controls from the training courses. Fred did a great job getting signs in the right places at the right time. Fred and Jody Handerson helped with registration. Thanks to everyone who helped clean up the shelter.

Sunday morning the weather was awesome! It was clear and sunny, and the smell of the ponderosa pines and wildflowers provided a fabulous venue for terrific courses set by John Crowther and vetted by Neal Barlow. Everyone had a chance to practice their skills on Sunday, May 31st; some people who did not camp drove out just for the day.

For those of you who missed out, we are planning another camp-out and potluck August 8th and 9th as part of the Venture Scouting X-games. We'll have a Night-O on Saturday and a regular meet on Sunday.

All the best!

-- Sherry Litasi

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· Course Setter: John Crowther
· Course Vetter: Neal Barlow, Simon Maybury
· Meet Director: Brian Coleman
· Meet Equipment: Jody Handerson, John Crowther, Sherry Litasi
· E-Punch Crew: John Crowther
· Registration: Brian Coleman, Fred Crofford, Jody Handerson, Jody Handerson, Nora Lund, Sherry Litasi
· Beginner Instruction: Bob Ellis, Brian Coleman, Kathleen Brennan, Michael Rounds, Neal Barlow, Plamen Djambazov, Sherry Litasi, Simon Maybury
· Starts: Doug Berling
· Finish Timing: John Crowther, Pam Burton
· Control Retrieval: Øystein Sorensen, Carol Johnson, Doug Berling, Fred Crofford, Gøril S. Jones, Jody Handerson, John Crowther, Jordan Britt, Michael Rounds, Plamen Djambazov, Taylor Davis, Thomas Nipen, Tom Turley, Troop 62 (Denver)
· Signs: Fred Crofford
· BBQ Dinner: Brian Coleman, Fred Crofford

  • Please send an email to the webmaster if your name is misspelled or missing in the results or the volunteer list.


# Name Class Time Comments
1 Gøril S. Jones F 01:27:33  
2 Michael Rounds M 01:29:58  
3 Roger Truesdale M 01:32:23  
4 Tim Connelly M 01:45:13  
5 Mark Hendrickson M 01:47:14  
6 Dave Taylor M 02:19:23  
7 David Lundy & Mark Fischer T 02:21:47  
- Kevin Maguire M --:--:-- DNF
- Mike Dieck & James Declaire T --:--:-- MSP (3:01:19)

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Mark Baldwin M 01:00:24  
2 Robert Teissler M 01:04:24  
3 Dmitriy Zamoshchin M 01:07:31  
4 Kay Goldsworthy F 01:09:00  
5 Anton Yakub M 01:09:44  
6 Tim Bishop M 01:28:03  
7 Kathleen Brennan F 02:28:04  
- Vessie Djambazova F --:--:-- MSP (1:26:41)

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Valentina Shcherbinina F 00:51:11  
2 Brad Culp M 00:59:11  
3 Tom Turley M 01:05:38  
4 Tom Lopez M 01:15:39  
5 Violeta & Katia Djambazova T 01:19:05  
6 Sherry Litasi F 01:25:17  
7 Pam Burton F 01:25:54  
8 Allan Fowler M 01:40:17  
9 Sharon Butts, Becky Thomas & John MacFarlane T 01:44:17  
10 Rich & Amber Ralston T 01:49:23  
11 The Fainthearts (Crofford Team) T 01:50:02  
12 Jody Handerson F 01:50:07  
13 Elizabeth, Jessica & Meghan Connelly T 02:00:10  
14 Jordan Britt, S. Taylor Davis & AJ Montague T 02:01:18  
15 Rosie & Lynn Schler T 02:01:40  
16 Poofy Bunnies (Ryan, Nich & Simon) T 02:28:13  
- Phantoms (Nate, Matt & Colin) T --:--:-- DNF
- Toxic Crusader Penguins (Collin, Lyle & Patrick) T --:--:-- MSP (3:50:50)
- Bart Lund M --:--:-- MSP (1:32:19)

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Bradley Rounds M 00:48:33  
- Susan Tucker F --:--:-- MSP (1:30:29)
- Janet & Randi Ralston T --:--:-- MSP (1:13:46)

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Oystein Sorensen M 00:53:47  
2 Thomas Nipen M 00:57:52  
3 Plamen Djambazov M 01:12:30  
4 Ian Fowler M 01:14:09  
5 Dan Nielsen M 01:24:23  
6 Troy Bozarth M 01:25:16  
7 Magnus Landstad M 01:36:01  
8 Douglas Berling M 01:39:01  
9 Ken Lotze M 01:46:57  
10 Pete Swenson M 01:51:03  
11 Simon Maybury M 02:03:05  
12 B. Brooke Mann F 02:08:04  
13 Sharon Crawford F 02:18:49  
14 Carol Johnson F 02:22:05  
- Sverre Froyen M --:--:-- MSP (1:29:40)
- Team C2 (Claire Kalman & Carol Nugent) T --:--:-- DNF

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Maya Rounds F 00:30:42  


DNF = Did not finish (one or more controls missed)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more incorrect controls)
OVT = Overtime

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