Night-O & Standard Orienteering Meet (July 9-10) at Frisco Peninsula
Saturday, July 9th, 2011 -- Frisco

The weather in Colorado is mighty fickle! On Saturday at 5:30 pm, lightning and driving rain forced an early wrap-up of the Adventure Race. Everything was put away wet except the computer and printer in their protective garbage bags. We wondered, "Will we be able to do the Night-O?"

About 7:00 pm, the western sky began to change to light blue, and by 8:00 pm, all was clear. At 9:30 pm, the Night-O starters enjoyed a clear sky with twinkling stars and half of a moon. It was muddy and wet, and a little confusing because we had to move the Start and Finish away from the Nordic Center to a location near the ball field. Also, last-minute logging forced elimination of one control.

After a little bit of sleep, orienteers found us at the ball field again Sunday morning and headed out in perfect weather. All morning, menacing clouds gathered and just after most orienteers finished, the rain came. Fortunately it stopped soon and the skies were clear again. By this time, however, most people had left. Brendan, Nelson, Anne and I picked up controls while John finalized results.

Overall, we had a great turnout with some new folks and four new members. If you consider not showing up to a future meet because of the weather, just wait a minute -- it will change!

About the map:

Beetles have killed so many trees and many have fallen due to high winds and snow over the years. The US Forest Service logging contract gives the loggers flexibility as to when and where they log, for the most part. They began logging July 5th and will log the western half of the peninsula this summer. A few years ago, the city of Frisco logged the lower portion and the USFS logged the entire campground. It's been two years since our last event here, and I was quite surprised that trees are coming back quickly. There are new patches of aspen and pine.

In contrast, the City of Frisco made major changes to the southwestern portion of the map. It was a big surprise to me when I first saw the changes on July 2nd. I was thinking, "no big deal, just add a building". Nope. There is a new mountain bike terrain park, new sledding hill, new lift for the sledding hill, new buildings, new parking lots, roads changed, new bike trails, and lots of contour line changes! I spent more time updating the map than I planned, and logging limitations and last-minute changes affected the courses. I especially want to thank Brendan White who put out most of the controls and jumped in to help whenever we needed it. :)

Thanks to all who helped with the meet!

-- Sherry Litasi, Meet Director & Course Setter

Note: Control #38 malfunctioned towards the end of the night event. It was replaced about halfway through the day on Sunday. Anyone who only had #38 missing was given credit for it, but there won't be any splits for that leg for most people.

· Course Setter: Sherry Litasi
· Course Vetter: Brendan White
· Meet Director: Sherry Litasi
· E-Punch Coordinator: John Crowther
· E-Punch Crew: Brendan White, Sherry Litasi
· Registration: Bob Ellis, Nelson Tamplin
· Beginner Instruction: Bob Ellis
· Starts: Gordon McCurry, Nancy McCurry, Sherry Litasi
· Snacks: Jody Handerson
· Control Retrieval: Anne Chapman, Brendan White, Nelson Tamplin, Sherry Litasi
· Results: B. Brooke Mann

  • Please send an email to the webmaster if your name is misspelled or missing in the results or the volunteer list.


# Name Class Time Comments
1 Graham Baird M 00:56:59  
2 Dennis Carney M 01:03:49  
3 Sverre Froyen M 01:07:04  
4 Stina Bridgeman (ROC) F 01:11:39  
5 Nic Ferrington M 01:16:21  
6 Michael Rounds M 01:21:10  
7 Gøril S. Jones F 01:25:03  
8 John Crowther M 01:28:01  
9 Tom Sprott M 01:35:23  
10 Katie Ferrington F 01:36:56  
11 Dawes Wilson M 01:46:21  
12 Carolyn Atwood F 02:16:35  
13 Reesha & Danny Trznadel T 02:41:50  
- Jeff & Cookie Ford T --:--:-- MSP
- LQ Crew T --:--:-- DNF

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Gordon McCurry M 00:53:44  
2 Bob Ellis M 01:00:19  
3 Mark Hendrickson M 01:06:36  
4 Dmitriy Zamoshchin T 01:14:13  
5 Pulu Team T 01:14:25  
6 Joseph Zaremba T 01:16:07  
7 Jody Handerson T 01:20:01  
8 Robert Fewerrigegel M 01:22:56  

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Dan McGregor M 01:03:59  
2 Linda Moore (TSN) F 01:05:41  
3 Cindy Shellito F 01:21:10  
4 Frank Green Team T 01:51:25  
5 Neal Armstrong M 02:03:55  
6 Carl Moore (TSN) M 02:07:50  
7 David Carney M 02:12:09  
8 Team Awesome (Terri & Rajesh Chawla) T 02:15:10  
9 Are We There Yet? (Chawla Family) T 02:26:47  
10 Elizabeth Bramhall F 02:37:14  
11 Heather & Karen Fritts T 02:37:50  

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Richard Woodhaven M 00:55:11  
2 Juliette & Dennis Carney T 00:56:03  
3 Zamoshchin Family T 00:56:50  
4 Sean & Jack Conlon T 01:01:39  
5 Team Mason T 01:07:50  
6 Elizabeth Hane (ROC) F 01:08:01  
7 Josh & Elizabeth Falls T 01:09:27  
8 Compass Challenged (Meghan & Tricia) T 01:10:34  
- Hancock Team T --:--:-- MSP
- Anne Hellie F --:--:-- MSP
- Sherri Renner F --:--:-- MSP

Night-O -- Long
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Graham Baird M 01:02:13  
2 Sverre Froyen M 01:18:45  
3 Colby Rickard M 01:28:29  
4 John Crowther M 01:42:17  
- Dawes Wilson M --:--:-- MSP

Night-O -- Medium
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Michael Rounds M 01:09:21  
2 Stina Bridgeman (ROC) F 01:18:25  
3 Carolyn Atwood F 01:21:29  
4 Bob Ellis M 01:25:21  
5 Mark & Dan T 02:04:56  
- Frank Green Team T --:--:-- DNF
- Joseph Zaremba M --:--:-- DNF

Night-O -- Short
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Cindy Shellito F 01:22:41  
2 Eric & Rachel Krohn T 01:33:32  
- Tom Sprott M --:--:-- MSP

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Richard Wood M 00:36:46  


DNF = Did not finish (one or more controls missed)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more incorrect controls)
OVT = Overtime

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