Colorado Orienteering Championships at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch
Saturday, October 8th, 2011 -- Elbert

The weather for this meet was (in my opinion) completely miserable -- snowy, wet, and cold. There was about 6" of snow on the ground and the official high yesterday in Elbert was 38°F. Brrr.

The weather definitely affected our attendance and I think it also caused an unusually high number of DNFs.

But, some hard-core orienteers showed up to compete in the 2011 Colorado Orienteering Championships! Congratulations to our winners:

Course Male Female
Red Leif Anderson Carolyn Atwood
Green -- --
Orange Gregory Oelrichs --
Orange -- Junior Miguel Muñoz --
Yellow -- Junior Bradley Rounds --
White -- Junior -- Juliette Carney

Extra-special thanks to some of our volunteers:

  • Brian Coleman, who used his high-level Scouting connections to obtain access to a heated room for us to work out of for registration and e-punch. Brian also directed runners to the meet area after our signs got covered in snow.

  • Bob Ellis, who drove all the way from Nederland to volunteer at the meet, even though he couldn't compete due to an achilles tendon injury.

  • Simon Maybury, another volunteer who drove a long way (from Golden) even though he wasn't competing. Simon took charge of developing a search and rescue plan when we became concerned about some runners who hadn't finished.

  • Leif Anderson, who came up with the idea of having a club championship and who also helped pick up controls.

-- Brooke Mann, Meet Director

Meet photos courtesy of Randy Peel:

· Course Setter: Troy Bozarth
· Meet Director: B. Brooke Mann
· E-Punch Coordinator: John Crowther
· E-Punch Crew: Bob Ellis
· Registration: B. Brooke Mann, Simon Maybury
· Beginner Instruction: Simon Maybury
· Starts: Troy Bozarth
· Control Retrieval: Dan Stoll, Leif Anderson, Troy Bozarth
· Signs: Brian Coleman
· SAR Coordinator: Simon Maybury

  • Please send an email to the webmaster if your name is misspelled or missing in the results or the volunteer list.


# Name Class Time Comments
1 Leif Anderson M 00:49:04  
2 Lauri Leinonen M 00:53:19 Kajaanin Suunnistajat Finland
3 Sverre Froyen M 01:12:00  
4 Douglas Berling M 01:13:24  
5 Dennis Carney M 01:14:31  
6 Carolyn Atwood F 01:21:50  
7 Sharon Crawford F 01:25:45  
8 Gøril S. Jones F 01:37:10  
9 Michael Rounds M 01:38:00  
10 David Lundy M 01:39:34  
11 Frank Green M 01:41:02  
12 John Crowther M 01:42:21  
13 B. Brooke Mann F 01:45:33  
14 Carol Johnson F 02:00:24  
15 Dawes Wilson M 02:31:16  
- Team Awesome T --:--:-- DNF

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Ian Watson M 01:08:02 MDOC England
- Team MC2 T --:--:-- DNF
- Wayne Meeusen M --:--:-- DNF
- Tavaris Williams M --:--:-- DNF

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Gregory Oelrichs M 01:33:14  
2 Richard & Sabrina Woodhaven T 01:35:31  
3 Randy Peel M 01:51:05  
4 Dan McGregor M 01:56:56  
5 Miguel Muñoz M 02:01:19  
6 Nahun Rodriguez M 02:13:30  
7 Richard Villa M 02:13:57  
8 Andrew Pfeiffer Team T 02:37:26  
9 Neal Armstrong M 02:56:25  
- Cody Jackson M --:--:-- ??? (lost e-punch...)
- Rhiannon Fadeyibi F --:--:-- DNF
- Jessica Avorque & Candy Gonzales T --:--:-- DNF

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Bradley Rounds M 01:04:21  
2 David Carney M 01:12:55  

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Juliette Carney F 01:11:06  


DNF = Did not finish (one or more controls missed)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more incorrect controls)
OVT = Overtime

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