Ski-O & Snowshoe-O at Eldora Nordic Center
Saturday, March 1st, 2014 -- Nederland

Considering the weather, we had a good turnout. Actually the weather at Eldora was quite mixed. It was warmer up there than down in Denver. The Canon City High School JROTC Raiders had to turn around at Blackhawk because the road was just too treacherous for a two-wheel drive school van full of students. Sorry we missed you guys. Others reported that Boulder Canyon was nasty.

The snow conditions were hard to wax for, and even snowshoe racers were having large clumps of sticky snow collect on the bottoms of their snowshoes. Dmitriy did half of the Medium course on skis that got so iced up he couldn't finish, so he returned to finish the course on snowshowes borrowed from Sverre.

All had a good time, even the team that found they had a mid-distance map when they had signed up for short, so they had "more" fun since they were out longer.

-- Bob Ellis, Meet Director

· Course Setter: JP Lande
· Meet Director: Bob Ellis
· E-Punch Coordinator: Bob Ellis
· Registration: Bob Ellis
· Control Retrieval: Bart Miller, Jen Lavely, JP Lande

  • Please send an email to the webmaster if your name is misspelled or missing in the results or the volunteer list.


Long Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Bart Miller M 01:04:35  
2 Mikhail Martemyanov M 01:07:56 Lytkarino-STAS Russia
3 JP Lande M 01:27:45  
4 Marian Mead F 01:33:08  
5 Andy Nauman M 01:36:09  
6 John Van Eden M 01:46:19  
- Jen Lavely F --:--:-- MSP
- Lisa Seaman F --:--:-- DNF

Long Snowshoe-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Sverre Froyen M 01:24:50  
2 Ryan Ognibene M 01:27:25  
3 Team Lupine Racing USA T 02:19:55  
4 Brandon Walther M 02:49:45  

Medium Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Marcia Van Eden F 01:05:50  
2 Sally Palmer F 01:33:05  
3 Dmitriy Zamoshchin M 01:58:44 *Half ski / half snowshoe!

Medium Snowshoe-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Steve & Anjanette Hoffman T 02:17:14  
2 RRCC Team 2 (M, M & L) T 02:48:23  
3 Pablo Fernandez T 02:50:46  
4 Schuller & Clark T 02:54:13  
- RRCC Team 3 (S & O) T --:--:-- MSP
- RRCC Team 1 (B, J & W) T --:--:-- DNF
- TnA Team T --:--:-- DNF

Short Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Ivan Martemyanov M 00:39:44 Lytkarino-STAS Russia
2 Julia Martemyanova F 00:48:14 Lytkarino-STAS Russia


DNF = Did not finish (one or more controls missed)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more incorrect controls)
OVT = Overtime

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