Ski-O at Snow Mountain Ranch
Saturday, February 24th, 2018 -- Granby

Trail conditions were very good with a few inches of new snow, but the blustery wind kept up all day.

-- Doug Berling, Meet Director

· Course Setter: Craig Murray
· Course Vetter: N / A
· Meet Director: Doug Berling
· Meet Equipment: Doug Berling
· Control Setting: Doug Berling
· E-Punch Coordinator: Doug Berling
· Registration: Jeremy Mollison, Sharon Crawford
· Control Retrieval: Doug Berling, Frank Lilly, Jeremy Mollison, Sharon Crawford

  • Please send an email to the webmaster if your name is misspelled or missing in the results or the volunteer list.


Long Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Odd Bersvendsen M 01:09:53 (Visited all controls, but did course backwards.)
2 Sharon Crawford F 01:57:20  
3 Jeremy Mollison M 02:58:44  
4 Bob McNamara M 03:27:07  

Medium Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Frank Lilly M 02:16:27  

Short Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Sally Brassill F 00:49:59  
2 Stover & Sharpe T 02:11:20  


DNF = Did not finish (one or more controls missed)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more incorrect controls)
OVT = Overtime

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