Ski-O & Snowshoe-O at Eldora Nordic Center
Sunday, March 3rd, 2019 -- Nederland

The parking lots filled up and the road into Eldora was closed before all but four of our participants could get there. :-(

· Course Setter: Doug Berling & John Crowther
· Course Vetter: N / A
· Meet Director: Doug Berling
· Meet Equipment: Doug Berling
· E-Punch Coordinator: Doug Berling

  • Please send an email to the webmaster if your name is misspelled or missing in the results or the volunteer list.


Long Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Eric Stoutenburg M 01:50:32  
2 Ryan Jones M 02:38:34  
3 Kevin McGouldrick M 03:01:21  

Medium Ski-O
# Name Class Time Comments
1 Sharon Crawford F 01:34:00  


DNF = Did not finish (one or more controls missed)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more incorrect controls)
OVT = Overtime

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