13th Annual Jim & Mil Plant Memorial Ski-O at Frisco Nordic Center
Saturday, January 21st, 2023 -- Frisco

My preparations for this event began back in December with review of the ski-o map to see what was needed to bring the map up to date. Sharon was focused on course planning and skiing the trails to verify conditions. Fortunately, the map from last year was in pretty good shape. They had made some changes out on the Buzzsaw loop and had recently changed the sleigh trail area so that the horses and sleigh wagons had a loop that was more to themselves. You may have seen some new signs along the horse trails that say no skiing. When I skied the new Buzzsaw, I covered about a 9km loop -- a very nice loop for skiing but not much for route choices when planning a ski-o. The long course did not end up going out in that area. Sharon, Amy Varble and I set out all but one of the controls on Friday. This process was much quicker than usual due to Amy's help. Amy and Sharon had also setup a beginner short course for a few of the local boy scouts to try out. Some of the boy scouts went out on that course on Friday afternoon, with instructions from Amy.

Saturday temperature was cold with about an inch of new snow. I arrived at about 8:30 am and Lia Engelsted and Amy Varble and two of the boy scouts were all there to help with setup in the Nordic building. I placed out the final one control and placed out the Start and Finish controls. Sharon handled the registration while I setup and operated the e-punch computer for results. I don't think it warmed up much during the day; I took a photo in the afternoon which showed mostly clouds. By the time we went out to retrieve controls the temp was dropping. We had a good turnout, maybe 25 pre-registered and picked up another 10 or 12 folks on the day. Several went out for multiple courses. Graham got in his training miles by doing all three courses and then helping with control pickup at the end. Amy also helped with control pickup at the end of the day. I picked up a short loop while Sharon gathered up the equipment in the building.

Results look good; there were a few mispunches through the day and one long course result (Kushinova) that was out of order -- she later went out on the medium course to try one in the correct sequence.

Later, on Sunday, I skied the long course just to see what the distance came out to be -- as predicted about 1.6x the straight-line distance. I skied about 8.7 km and would have been about middle of the pack with 1 hour, 23 minutes. That included about 300 meters of extra distance when I went by #49 before I recognized the error and had to backtrack a little.

Volunteers were:

* Course Planning -- Sharon Crawford
* Setout -- Amy Varble, Sharon Crawford, Doug Berling
* Setup in the building -- Lia Englested, Amy Varble, Boy Scouts, Sharon Crawford
* Control pickup -- Graham Baird, Amy Varble, Doug Berling
* Nordic Center staff provided the space within the building, and have continued to support our events through the years.

-- Doug Berling, Meet Director

Frisco Nordic Center photo by Doug Berling.

· Course Setter: Sharon Crawford
· Meet Director: Doug Berling
· Control Setting: Amy Varble, Doug Berling, Sharon Crawford
· Set-up: Amy Varble, Boy Scouts, Lia Englested, Sharon Crawford
· Control Retrieval: Amy Varble, Doug Berling, Graham Baird

  • Please send an email to the webmaster if your name is misspelled or missing in the results or the volunteer list.


# Name Class Time Comments
1 Graham Baird M 00:38:22  
2 JP Lande M 00:45:24  
3 Roman Kiselev M 00:46:00  
4 Mary O'Keefe F 00:49:57  
5 Russ Backhouse M 00:51:09  
6 Maximilian Carr M 00:57:58  
7 Lia Engelsted F 01:01:58  
8 Ann Marie Cody F 01:09:16  
9 David Benson M 01:17:17  
10 Joan Tilden F 01:28:29  
11 Kamini Singha F 01:44:10  
12 Carlo Giacometti M 01:46:59  
13 Tori Borish F 01:47:00  
14 Daphne Quint F 01:47:24  
15 Jieyi Zhou F 01:59:19  
16 Jenya Kuvshinova F 01:28:39 Visited 14 out of order
17 Nate Kizer M 01:44:14 Found 8 of 13

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Graham Baird M 00:20:30  
2 JP Lande M 00:23:26  
3 Roman Kiselev M 00:25:51  
4 Maximilian Carr M 00:29:57  
5 Lia Engelsted F 00:30:31  
6 Jenya Kuvshinova F 00:49:27  
7 Bean & Sarah Altschuler T 01:02:26  
8 Troop 187 T 01:05:27  
9 Team Go 4 Graham T 01:06:34  
10 Katherine O'Connor F 01:13:03  
11 The Disoriented T 01:26:33  
12 Russ Backhouse M 00:40:50 Found 10 of 11

# Name Class Time Comments
1 Graham Baird M 00:11:06  
2 Lia Engelsted F 00:17:38  
3 Katherine O'Connor F 00:28:23  
4 Cal & Kyle T 00:30:23  
5 The Snow Leopard Ligia F 00:50:33  
6 Connor & Dillon Butson T 00:43:23 Found 7 of 8


DNF = Did not finish (one or more controls missed)
MSP = Mispunched (one or more incorrect controls)
OVT = Overtime

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